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Inner Join Direct Query in the Model

Setting up a model that will work with Analyze in Excel etc does not seem to honor any type of filter where a Inner Join should be used.  For example if filtering a Date Table to a range of date then in the model joining hte date table to a log table the expected results should include only log entries from the dates within the range within the Date Table. 


Is there a way to force the model to perform an inner join? 


Hi @rayishome

Where do you perform a filter? in Excel's data model? then it shouldnt work . Filters in data model, i.e. inside Power Pivot, just show you filtered rows, but do not apply any actual filters on data.

If you perform filter in pivot tables, or via slicers, then they shall work, filtering linked tables as well.

Maxim Zelensky

What I'm looking for is to create a dataset that joins two tables and while joining the tables in the Relationships it does a inner join.  This way one table will filter the other based on the filters applied in the Querie.   It looks like when you build relationships it's always a left join...  I tried Merge to join the two tables using an inner join but it seems to pull all the data from both tables into memory then perform the join.  This would work with Excel of some small dataset, but not a huge table. 

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