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Interact multiple answers without making each question table

Hi, I am in trouble with interacting the graphs which shows answers of the questionnaire each other.


This questionnarie contains 50 questions and people can reply multiple answer from 4 options.

I want to visualize each question's result with pie chart and other graphs and want to interact each answer.
Ex: Narrow down other graphs which related to those who answered specific option on one question 1.


Please find below example files;

- sample_0208.xlsx : aggregate answer data as example.


- sample_0208.pbi : power bi file which I have made



[What I have concerned; ]

At first I tried to use measure which is narrowed down with each quesiton using Calcurate.
But after making graph, I found that each graph doesn't interact each other as the table of each graph refer to is limited.




So I have made multiple tables which are related to each questions and made relation each other.
As result, each graph interact but I need to make 50 tables and make relationship.

I want to avoid this option because we are planning to have another questionnaries later and huge volume of tables will be made.



Could you kindly let me know the solution about this issue?
I want to keep one table for the each questionnarie.

Kind regards,


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