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How to show all data point in Y axis of a scatter chart in Power BI Desktop

Hi Experts,


We have a scatter chart for showing the publication count by years. It is found that when 5 consecutive years is chosen, all the years are shown in the Y axis properly, however, once 6 consecutive years is chosen, only the even years are shown in the Y axis. Is it possible to show all the years in Y axis no matter it is 5 or 6 consecutive years?






Super User
Super User

Hi @TomsNg 


Scatter chart is used to show relation between two numerical values. If you convert one of the axis to categorical, that axis acts like a text axis and then sctatter chart can not be used.


I would recommend to go for a 'Dot plot charts'.


Hope it helps.


Super User
Super User

Hello amitchandak,


Thanks for your reply, however, it doesn't work. An error of "If your x-axis is categorical, choose a summarization for the x- or y-axis." is returned.

For your information, in our scatter chart, the Y-axis is pointing to a column named 'Publication Year' and 'Don't summarize' is chosen, the X-axis is pointing to an numeric column named 'pub_count' and 'Don't summarize' is also chosen. We just want to show every count of publication by publication year. The only problem now is it failed to show all publication years in the Y axis.






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