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Helper I
Helper I

How to get one table to automatically filter another

I am trying to build a report where when users log in, their email filters their view automatically so their only see their or their staff's data.


I used PRINCIPALUSERNAME( ) as a measure to automatically show the email of whomever is viewing the report. I then used that as a filter for a second visual with all of the company's emails so it only shows the user's email. The second table works so that table pulls up only the viewer's email.


User Filter = IF(SELECTEDVALUE(Staff_Member[Staff_eMail_Address])=USERPRINCIPALNAME(),1,0)
Next, I have a third table that has a list of all of area managers and the local managers. When I click one of the names on the managers' table it filters a fourth table to only show their clients served.
**How can I get the second table (emails) to autmatically fitler my third (mangers') table so it filters the fourth table and they only see their stafff's clients?**
An example management structure looks like this where I only want regional manager A to log in and see managers a - g and their clients 1 - 7 while manager a would log in and only see client #1.


Is there an easier way to do this? The goal is to let whoever logs in only see their clients or the clients of those they supervise.

Helper I
Helper I

@amitchandak the problem is the email addresses come from a secondary table which has not been allowing me to filter the main table.  I am trying to find an alternative method because the traditional RLS method was not affecting the main table.

Helper I
Helper I

@amitchandak I started with using dynamic RLS but when that did not work I looked into alternative routes to get the desired results. RLS roles are not filtering the data based on user (my user name sees everything and when I view as another user the filter does not affect the table).
The closest I can get is using IF(SELECTEDVALUE(Staff_Member[Staff_eMail_Address])=USERPRINCIPALNAME(),1,0) as a filter for the intermeding table but I cannot get the second table to filter the overall client count table. 

Super User
Super User

@BW40 , We usually use RLS, we join table with table haviing access and email and then use code of first measure


Power BI- Row Level Security(RLS): Handle ALL, UserPrincipalName:


For Hierarchy

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