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How to display the measure description in Power BI?

 In my SSAS tabular model, I have populated the Description property for my measures. When I hover over a measure in the Fields list in Power BI Desktop, the description is displayed in a pop-up tooltip-style dialog.


Great, so the measure Description that is defined in the tabular model is definitely available to Power BI. Now, how do I make this measure description display as a tooltip when the measure is placed on a visual (e.g. table or matrix)? I want the users to be able to see the measure Description.

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Hej all! 


Since this post was created Microsoft introduced the INFO.MEASURES() DAX function that allows the retreival of measure metadata. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to create a table in Power BI desktop nor in a measure that limits the functionality of the function in my opinion. I therefore created an idea so that the function can be used to create a table containing the measure descriptions in order for them to be used within the report context. 


Please have a look here and vote: Microsoft Idea

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I suggest you try INFO.COLUMS DAX function which provides all column meta data, including description.

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There are couple of options on how to do this though they are both rather complex and require a bit of time for proper implementation. 


Option 1 uses field parameters and can be found here: Dynamic measure descriptions in Power BI! - YouTube

Option 2 uses Tabular Editor and the Power BI api to source the metadata from your dataset in the Power BI service and can be found here:


Since I'm also struggling with finding an easy way to implement measure descriptions in my visuals I submitted an idea in this community. Please vote for it using this link: Link to idea 

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Go to the model (where you can see your tables' connection with each other). Select the measure, a sidebar will appear. Add your description in description text box. On hover exact text will appear



Hover the measure to read the description




Hi, how can I make this description visible when I hover the measure in the visual?

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This description is added with an external tool Tabular Editor 

in this link you can find a bit more about it:

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having the same problem. anyone can help out?

I have replied in main thread. Hope it will help you


I think it is good to add this point, because it appears in some tools by default and in others not...

Create modern visual tools info (preview) - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

so in this link indicates how to activate them in all...


A tico:

I understand that this is what they occupy!!!!

Customize the tooltip in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


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have you any solution for this problem?

How do I make this measure description display as a tooltip when the measure is placed on a visual?



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Yeah i am interessted too in this. Is there any possibility to show the description of a field/Measures to a customer and not to a report builder in PowerBI Desktop? 


I am interessted in a option to show this for report constumer via powerBI Service - App.



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That doesn't do it. That video only describes how to set the measure Description property, which I already know how to do.

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