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Helper IV
Helper IV

How do I apply conditional formatting to text column in a Matrix Visual?

I am trying to apply conditional formatting on a Text Field (in Rows) with a MATRIX Visual. IF the Text is Status yes or Status #1 then change color or font. This doesn’t seem possible unless it’s a table?


If Text Column = yes/1 for status then Bold/highlight



dataset has following fields available as well for reference

TextStatusStatus #
Super User
Super User

@powerbihelp87 , You can create a color measure . That return color

Color Date =
var _min =minx(allselected(Date,Date[Year])
 Switch( true(),
 FIRSTNONBLANK('Date'[Year],year(TODAY()))-_min =0 ,"lightgreen",
  FIRSTNONBLANK('Date'[Year],year(TODAY()))-_min =0 ,"blue",

if(FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[Col1],"ABC") "ABC","green","red")


You can use that in conditional formatting after choosing the field option. and use this measure.






@amitchandak  thanks for the help but I dont know if this will help conditional format my "rows" in the matrix?  


@powerbihelp87 , color measure needs to be used only in conditional formatting. There is no row formatting, you have to format all column using same measures

@amitchandak I do want the entire column to be formatted but in a matrix it is in the "rows" area even though it is a column.  Once  I try to click the field in the visualizations pane there is no option for conditional formatting in matrix.  in a table the option is there


@ElisaT this is the question I asked, not sure if any of these answers will help you

Hi @powerbihelp87,

With the conditional formatting, you can color only the values of rows with a particular status. You can also apply formats to column header too but not on the row header.


I'm finding a way to decorate rows header too.  I think it is not possible right now. I hope in the future.

A work around I am going to use is possibly have a symbol and then the text field.  This way it stands out somehow.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

You can make a measure that evaluates the value in the status column and returns 0 or 1, and then set conditional formatting on that measure using a field value or rule in Color Scale.  For example,


ColorMeasure = IF(SELECTEDVALUE(Table[Status])="yes",1,0)


And then make a color rule on the desired column for if it is >=1.


Please see this link for more info -


If this works for you, please mark it as the solution.  Kudos are appreciated too.  Please let me know if not.



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Thanks @mahoneypat  for looking into this. I am able to get this to work in a table but not a MAtrix Text Field.  Do you know how I can get this to work for a MAtrix Text field?  you cannot apply conditional formatting to a text in Matrix 

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