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Horizontal Fusion

Can anyone explain what the Desktop Preview feature "Horizontal Fusion" is? I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere.



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Why can't I see this preview feature anymore in Power BI desktop???

Advocate II
Advocate II

This is a helpful video from Alberto at SQLBI.

Introducing horizontal fusion in DAX - YouTube

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Has anyone been able to test this?

I have tested some queries in DAX Studio while connected to a dataset with Horizontal Fusion disabled. Then enabled the feature, restarted Power BI, connected to the dataset and run the same query.


Time elasped is the same.

Number of queries sent off is the same.

Could be the queries I am running but just want to double check that someone has actually had success in testing this feature?

My dataset is connected via DirectQuery to SQL Server.

We have Premium P1 SKU - I haven't heard any feedback on improved performance either.

@ML222 I experience the same behaviour.



Power BI dataset with Direct Query connection to Snowflake Datawarehouse.


Test case

- Identified a testcase which sends out 13 queries to datasource

- Enabled the preview feature, saved the .pbix file.

- Closed Power BI desktop

- Re-opened the .pbix file

- Published the file to a PPU workspace.

- Ran a trace in DAX studio to capture the number of queries.



The number of queries send to Snowflake was 13 before enabling Horizontal Fusion, and after enabling the number of queries was exactly the same.

Advocate III
Advocate III


Please check this latest anouncement by Microsoft:


Horizontal fusion will decrease the number of queries send to the source system which will increase performance especially in Direct Query mode, but also in Import mode (however the gains shall be less visible).

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According to this article, it seems to be related to query optimisation


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