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Helper I
Helper I

Export Data to Excel/CSV Issue after March 2023 Update

Hello Community,


We know, to get Custom file name for Export data to Excel/CSV we need to give Title to Visuals. Since We dont want the title for our visuals, as a workaround we were turning the font size to Zero as shown below


Before March 2023 Update:



But after march 2023 update we are not able to set the title font to zero. we know still we can change the text color to make them invisible but it is more comfortable to change the font size to zero. 


After March 2023 update:



Now the least allowed value is 8 like other properties


Any Ideas please? Thanks in advance


Helper I
Helper I

@JadhavVarsha_13 thanks for the reply. I tried turning off the title but i will get excel name as "data" and changing color is possible but not a efficient way since lot of space will be there on top of each visual which will affect the appearence. 


Turning off title worked for me 

Check if subtitle is on


@JadhavVarsha_13 Sorry, turning off the title you still got the excel name as custom defined one?

Not sure if i am getting it correct, but yes, theres no title to the visual once i have turned the title off.

I didnt get "excel name as custom defined one" this

Ok may be i will make it clear. the reason i am giving title to visual is only then when you export data from the visual to excel, the excel file name will be the title you give else you will get the file name as "data.xls"

Resolver II
Resolver II

@Anonymoous11 not sure if this will help but have you tried disabling the Title option (if you turn title off) or if not then you can set text color as white or matching to your visual so that even if you add text title it will not be visible 

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