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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dynamic grid with small multiples



An open question - and I am sure this is not possible with the native visuals at present - but if anybody can point me in a direction of custom visual (Deneb etc)/workaround it would be much appreciated.

Basically I am looking to having dynamic grids for small multiples, so if only 4 products are selected, only 4 would show, and the grid would automatically increase or decrease in size dependant on the number of products selected.


I have done some research and as of yet not come across anything near to a solution.


Any help appreciated, thank you. 

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

HI @DW868990 
check the steps out

Power BI's native visuals do not inherently support dynamically resizing grids for small multiples based on the number of selected items. However, you can explore a few workarounds and consider custom visuals for achieving a similar effect. Please note that the Power BI ecosystem evolves, and new features may have been introduced since then.

Here are some options you can explore:

  1. Custom Visuals:

    • You can consider using custom visuals like Deneb, Charticulator, or custom-developed visuals to build a more dynamic grid layout.
    • These custom visuals may provide greater flexibility in terms of layout and responsiveness.
  2. Matrix Visual with Conditional Formatting:

    • Use the Matrix visual and apply conditional formatting to dynamically hide or show rows/columns based on the number of products selected.
    • You can use DAX measures or calculated columns to control the visibility of rows/columns in the Matrix based on your selection.
  3. Paginated Report in Power BI Report Server:

    • If you have Power BI Report Server, you can create paginated reports (RDL) that offer more precise control over layout.
    • In paginated reports, you can create tables that expand or shrink based on data, but it's a separate type of report from standard Power BI reports.
  4. Power BI Templates:

    • Consider using Power BI templates where you can preset layouts for specific numbers of products, and users can choose the appropriate template based on their selection.
  5. Javascript/Custom Development:

    • If you have the technical skills, you might explore building a custom solution using JavaScript in Power BI custom visuals or embedding Power BI reports into a web application where you have more control over layout

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