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Custom measure problem: graph is right, tooltip value is wrong

[EDIT: solved. I deleted the measure, restarted Power BI and made a new measure with the same formula, no problems this time]


Hi all, 

I am having a problem with a simple measure I created. I have a table with data regarding how many people visit each page of a site, and I created a simple conversion measure: % of all people who complete the entire funnel. In other words, # of visits on the last page / # of visits on the first page. Here is the measure: 


CalcConversion = (sum('High Level Funnel'[Submit]))/(sum('High Level Funnel'[Welcome_Continue]))


Submit = visits to last page

Welcome_Continue = visits to first page 


The data table is also broken down by week and by product (I'll call them product A and product B). I would like a visual that shows overall conversion for both products, but can be filtered by a slicer to show product A and B individually as well. There are different amounts of product A and B visits each week so I can't take a simple average of conversion. So I made this measure, and I also calculated overall conversion in excel and imported that data separately to double check my measure. 


The problem: my measure looks right when I graph it, but the tooltips shows that conversion = 1 for every data point! There are also some weird formatting issues, with the y axis disappearing and the graph area leaving extra space below the x axis that I can't seem to adjust. I threw the values into a visual table to double check, and sure enough it's also showing as conversion = 1 for everything there as well. What's going on? How can I get the real values to appear in the tooltips, and is there a way to fix the formatting? 


Screenshot below: my new measure is graphed on the left, with my manual calculation on the right. As you can see the trend looks identical - appears that my measure is working correctly. But the table below shows the values are all equal to 1. 


Thanks for any help!




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So does this look like a technical error to you? Anyone know how to troubleshoot this? 

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,

Can you please provide some sample data or a pbix file to test? It is hard to reproduce your issue without data.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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can you provide some more Information about you formula of the measure? And maybe a screenshot of you fields of you table?


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Sure, I can't provide the exact data but here is a hypothetical example. Basically I'd want to have a measure that calculated Conversion by week, and can be filtered by Product. 

WeekStartProductWelcome_ContinueSubmitConverion by Week, Product


What other info do you need about the formula? I created the measure by following the tutorial here. I'm new to Power BI.

Here is the formula again:


CalcConversion = (sum('High Level Funnel'[Submit]))/(sum('High Level Funnel'[Welcome_Continue]))


In other words column D / column C 

if your posted fact table is like it is everything should work properly


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So does this look like a technical error to you? Anyone know how to troubleshoot this? 

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