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Cannot sort Table Visual using indexed column and custom sort


I made the table above (via Enter Data), named ReferenceTable, that connects ReferenceTable[Status] to DataTable[Status]. Want to sort my visual table in order prescribed in the above image.




I selected Sort By Column using DataTable[Status]. However, when I looked at visuals the order is unaffected (see image below).



Any ideas?


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If you have a dimension table (as you have) for Status, and there is a single one-to-many relationship between the ReferenceTable[Status] and the DataTable[Status], you don't need the DataTable[RankLookup] field.

All you need to do is sort the ReferenceTable[Status] column by the ReferenceTable[Rank] column in the table view. Next create your visual using the ReferenceTable[Status] column and the measure

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@Anonymous , Make sure rank lookup is used as sort column for status and visual is sorted on status


Sort Month Year.png


How to Create Sort Column and Solve Related Errors:

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