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Advocate II
Advocate II

Cannot Search by Number or Date in Slicer

Why is it that you cannot turn on the search function in a slicer if it is a date or number field? Why does this only work with text? 

This is SO frustrating!




Advocate I
Advocate I

Unbelivable 4.5 years

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Waiting too.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

The work around would be to duplicate the number/date columns, change the data type to "text" and use the search option.

Yes, but you create a new issue by solving the issue this way. Changing these numeric values to text increases the size of the column and adds latency to your load/refresh times.

yep just thought of this but how ridiculous

Frequent Visitor

I am also waiting for this feature.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @TabathaN ,


There is an idea about that, Please vote it up to make this feature comming soon.



Community Support Team _ Frank
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the others find it more quickly.
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The above link if for a different idea. This is the correct one to vote for:

@v-frfei-msft thanks. I just voted for the one linked within the post you recommended

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@TabathaN  - 

For both dates and numbers, slicers have the option of "Between" slider, which also allows you to type in the boxes.

Slicer Between.PNG

Hope this helps,


That option is tedious and I believe has a small bug in it. If you do a between search once, then go back to enter a value in the first box and tab to the second, it reverts the first box back to the last search and you have to go back and type in the second search, in the first box, again.

I don't want to have to type out a number twice when I'm searching for a single value. Also, if I want to find all values that contain a string of "123", you can't, it has to match exactly.

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One options is to add a text version of your column for a slicer. Or change the column data type. Typically, descriptive attributes are text types.

an issue with this:


if you have mostly 7 digit numbers in a Text field, but some numbers are only 4 digits, the search function is unable to return the smaller numbers- e.g. searching "4147" returns a list of 7 digit numbers that END with 4147. The number that was searched for does not even appear at the end of the list.

@Anonymous until Microsoft can "fix" this, your suggestion of duplicating the column and changing the data type of my case number works. Thank you so much for this suggestion!


two year passed and no fix!


Thanks for nothing.





3 years now

4... unbelievable

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