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Can't move or resize visualizations

I am unable to move or resize visualizations. The mouse pointer changes to the "move" pointer, but when i drag it around, or try to resize, nothing happens. 


I have tried locking, and unlocking visualizations, on a different computer, without logging in to the app, on a 32bit and 64bit version, and i have uninstalled, and reinstalled the software. 


I can get it to work as it should if i restart my machine without it being attached to the docking, but as soon as i attach the docking station, im unable to resize and move visualizations. If i then unplug the docking, it no longer works until i restart the machine outside of the docking again. This is not an issue for my collegues who run the same Windows version (win7), the same docking station, and the same Power BI version (2.74.5619.862 64-bit (october 2019)). 


Is there anything else i should try? Any suggestions are welcome!



Edit: Restarting the machine without the docking no longer seems to fix the issue, so i can no longer resize or move items at all. 

Community Support
Community Support

@Anonymous ,


Please update the power bi desktop to the latest version and check if this issue persists.



Jimmy Tao

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I have already tested with the newest version, both 32 and 64 bit.

@Anonymous ,


It's weird, I still can't reproduce your issue, the visual can be moved and resized on my side. If this issue persists and is very urgent, I would suggest you create a support ticket here.



Jimmy Tao

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After months of testing i figured it out. Ill post this just incase someone else has the same issue and stumbles upon this. 



If i restarted the computer without the mouse connected and i used the touchpad, everything was fine. Once i connected one spesific mouse, i couldnt move visualizations anymore. If i then disconnected the mouse and used the touchpad or another mouse, it still didnt work untill i restarted the computer with another mouse plugged in. 


In other words; when i plug in one spesific mouse, it bricks one spesific function in the software, but after a restart without the mouse plugged in, its all good. 


This makes no sense at all (to me atleast), but at this point i don't care to investigate further, im just happy it all works. 




If anyone needs a cursed mouse, hit me up

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