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Helper II
Helper II

Rank in Card visual with filter



I have the below table


Company GroupPremium
Company 1     4,102,813
Company 2   132,970,639
Company 346,137,791


I have a rank formula on a card visual displaying the rank for Company 1. 


rankx(all('Table'[Company Group]),CALCULATE(sum('Table'[Premium])))



Each company is split out by subsidiaries as below, 

I filter for Company 1 and only for Company 1 uk and Company 1 europe the rank just gives me 1. 


How do I update the formula so I can filter for the Company Names but still get the rank for Company group? 


Company GroupCompany NamePremium
Company 1Company 1 UK        175,430
Company 1Company 1 Europe     3,469,536
Company 1Company 1 Canada        457,847
Company 2Company 2 UK   35,790,532
Company 2Company 2 Europe     3,457,931
Company 2Company 2 Canada     6,889,328
Company 3Company 3 UK   85,768,320
Company 3Company 3 Europe   45,963,343
Company 3Company 3 Canada     1,238,976










Helper II
Helper II

have managed to get the formula to work but the rank is not updating when I select the Company Names.
Rank = RANKX( ALL( Table[Company Group]), CALCULATE(([premium]), ALLEXCEPT('Table',Table[Company Group] )))
Helper II
Helper II

Thanks I got the following error



The code I posted works for me. Can you post a screenshot of your measure?

Super User
Super User

You can use

Group rank = RANKX( ALL( 'Table'[Company Group]), CALCULATE( SUM('Table'[Premium]), ALLEXCEPT('Table', 'Table'[Company Group]) ) )

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