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Dynamic Calculation of Sums based on Quarter (Date)



I am quite new to PowerBI and have found myself in a slightly complicated situation regarding a calculation.


I need a calculation for a seperate column that calculates dynamically (depending on the current date) a sum out of one "Actual" and three "Outlook" columns.  It should also be linked to the current year.


For example: If the current date ist May(=Quarter 2) then I want the Sum out of the Actual for Quarter 1 and the other columns Outlook Quarter 2 and 3. Another example would be If we are in August. I want the Sum out of the Actual for Quarter 1 plus 2 and the other column Outlook of Quarter 3.



Down here I have an example of a table as a screenshot.




Thanks for your help in advance!


Kind regards


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Hello @daXtreme ,


Thanks for your reply. 


Here is the formula I am currently using to solve the issue.

I created a sum Column for all Quarters and for the Quarters 2&3. I also created a column where the number of the quarter is created out of the date in the respective row.


The ideal solution would be: If the date (hence the quarter is in the past (Fixpoint should be the current date) then use just the Actual numbers. If the date (hence the quarter) is future or the current quarter, then create the sum of the Actual numbers for the past quarter and the outlook numbers of the quarters left in the year.


 I hope it is clearer now, but I know it is quite hard to formulate that question correctly.


But eitherway, thanks for your help in advance.


Kind regards



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Please paste a picture that shows the calculations clearly. You've only shown the source data but we want to see the calculation as well. The logic you're describing above is not at all clear.

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