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Helper III
Helper III

Color Formatting Top N with multiple drill down

Hi everyone, 


I need a help , I m trying to achieve color formatting top 3 categories while drill down.


For example category I want top 3 values as red and others are blue. When I drill down to sub category1, I want to see top 3 values as red and others are blue. Again if I drill down sub category 2 then same I have to see.


can anyone help on this ?

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @amitchandak  This is working for bar graph but it is not working for decomposition tree visual, can you help me how to do that ?

Super User
Super User

@krishb1414 , First of that you need to switch rank based on isinscope and color based on that too


Assume yiu have three rank Var or measures


Cat Rank = rankx(allselected(Dim[Category]), [Measure],,desc,dense) // same way others


Switch(True() ,

isinscope(Dim[Sub Category 2]) , [Sub Cat2 Rank],

isinscope(Dim[Sub Category 1]) , [Sub Cat1 Rank],

isinscope(Dim[Category]) , [Cat Rank]



Same way create color measure and use that in conditional formatting using field value option


Switch(True() ,

isinscope(Dim[Sub Category 2]) &&  [Sub Cat2 Rank] <= 3, "Red",

isinscope(Dim[Sub Category 1]) &&  [Sub Cat1 Rank]<= 3, "Red",

isinscope(Dim[Category]) &&  [Cat Rank] <= 3, "Red", "Blue"




IsInScope - Switch Rank at different levels:


How to do conditional formatting by measure and apply it on pie?

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