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Dax- Calculation Help

Hello World,
I need to calculate the Average Dues.

Here, I have a Column called Clubs (It has name of all the clubs).
2nd, I have a column called Profit Center which compromises of our different source of revenue. 
3rd, I have the profit Center's Revenue Amount. 
4th, I also have a column called Members (It has list of Members's agreement Number)
I want to simply calculate Average Dues (Just for 1 profit Center). I am assuming we have to use filter for it. 

The formula to calculate Average dues = Dues Amount/Total Members .
Thank you

Super User
Super User

Please provide sample data (with sensitive information removed) that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot). Leave out anything not related to the issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

Club NameAgreement NumberLast NameFirst NameMembership TypeProfit CenterPayment DatePayment Amount
Club Orchid2045HernandezRabBASEDues5/10/20235
Club Rose4045FernandezCarlosBASELate Fee5/10/202310
Club Orchid4971SamuelJohnBASEDues5/24/202320
Club Lily5522JimenezEliBASEProcessing Fee5/31/20235
Club Rose6522TranElizabethBASEDues5/31/202330
Club Orchid9535HobsonLexiPEAKPRAnnual Fee5/16/20235
Club Lily8535StyleHarryPEAKPRDues5/16/202310
Club Orchid9806MinorEugiePEAKPRDues5/19/20235
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I want to create a measure, that gives me average dues for each club. The formula to calculate Average dues = Dues Amount/Total Members . Here, in the sample data, the total Memberes would be 8. 

Are you sure about that calculation?




It should count only dues agreement number not all. How do I do it?



How do I change Average Dues to $. Mine appeared as in decimal. 

click on the measure in the field list and then in the top menu change the formatting.



Thank you. I guess your formula is taking all the payment amount. It should be Average Dues= Payment Amount (Only of Dues not others) / Agreement Number (Only Dues). It's giving me incorrect average dues. 

Please provide sample data that fully covers your issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

Club NameAgreement NumberProfit CenterPayment Amount
Club Daisy1231Dues15.99
Club Lily8952Annual49.99
Club Marigold4582Processing Fee1.99
Club Orchid8962Dues15.99
Club Rose4562Annual49.99
Club Daisy7862Processing Fee1.99
Club Lily3252Dues15.99
Club Marigold4562Dues15.99
Club Orchid8232Annual49.99
Club Rose1232Processing Fee1.99
Club Daisy8342Dues15.99
Club Lily2312Dues15.99
Club Marigold4252Dues15.99

Here, I want to create a measure that calculates the Average Dues. 
For example: Here we have 7 Members that have Profit Center as Dues. 
Now, If I calculate Average Dues for Just Club Daisy. It would be Average Dues = Payment Amount (15.99 +15.99) /2 (There are 2 members in Club Daisy that has Dues). Now the Average Dues would be 31.98/2, which is $15.99. So, the Average Dues for Club Daisy is $15.99. 
In same way, I want to calculate Average dues for all the other clubs and create a matrix visualization that displays club names and their average dues. 

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