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Helper II
Helper II

Date Table and Time Intelligence Functions not working anymore


I dont know the reason but i had properly working date table function and time intelligence functions before, but not working anymore. I dont know if its related with latest updates.


As you may see in the below screenshot it gives error after Date function at 3rd row.

If i dont touch the dax formula its ok but if i F2 + enter all my report will blow up.



Same happens to my DATESINPERIOD formula, As you can see below, last parameter is not accepting MONTH as Interval. which was perfectly working before. If i re enter on this formula, again all my report will be broken.



Thanks in advance for you help

Super User
Super User

@i_kafali , Close all power bi instance start again and check.

Hope the first one is created table


If this does not help
Can you share  a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.

hi @amitchandak 
to be honest i dont remember either it was created table or blank querry
I tried but cant share pbix file from here also 3rd party uploading websites is not allowed in my organization. So i dont know how can i share it. 

@i_kafali , This seem like a strange error. I doubt anyone reported such issue with Feb -2022, latest version.

Can you try creating this date table in a new file?

Also just use today as second argument, or make sure parenthesis are closed properly


This is my working script , try this




Date = var _tab1 = ADDCOLUMNS( CALENDAR(Date(2018,10,1),today()), 
"Month Year", format([Date],"mmm-yyyy")
,"Month Year Sort", year([Date]) *100 + month([Date])
,"Year", year([Date])
, "Start of Year", date(year([date]),1,1)
, "End of Year", date(year([date]),12,31)
, "Start of FY", if(month([Date]) <4, date(year([date])-1,4,1), date(year([date]),4,1))
, "End of FY", if(month([Date]) <4, date(year([date]),3,31), date(year([date])+1,3,31))
, "Start Of Month", EOMONTH([date],-1)+1
, "End Of Month", EOMONTH([date],0) 
, "Start Of Qtr", Var _1 = mod(MONTH([Date]),3) 
var _2 = if(_1 =0 ,3,_1) return EOMONTH([Date],-1*_2)+1
, "End Of Qtr", Var _1 = mod(MONTH([Date]),3) 
var _2 = if(_1 =0 ,_1,3-_1) return EOMONTH([Date],_2)
, "Qtr" , format([date], "YYYY\-\QQ")
, "WeekDay" , WEEKDAY([Date],2)
, "Week Start Date", [Date] - WEEKDAY([Date],2) +1
, "Week End Date", [Date] - WEEKDAY([Date],2) +7
, "Weekday Name", FORMAT([date], "ddd")
, "Year Week", Year([Date])*100 + WEEKNUM([Date],2)
return  ADDCOLUMNS(_tab1, 
 "FY Qtr" , DATEDIFF( [Start of FY], [Start Of Qtr], QUARTER) +1
, "Week Rank", RANKX(_tab1,[Week Start Date],,ASC,Dense)


It worked when i have changed second argument as below



But still having issue with DATESINPERIOD function. Last argument which is interval is not accepting MONTH. Do you have any idea how can i solve it=




@i_kafali , First Argument is wrong


keep it simple like. Not sure why they are taking year of date , that is not even a text





Also, try this as a measure , assuming [Volume (Ton)] is  measures 

Rolling 3 = CALCULATE([Volume (Ton)],DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date ]),-3,MONTH))

@amitchandak i solved the problem

I had to make it like Date(2020, 1, 1) instead of  Date(2020,1,1)


I dont know why it needs one space between arguments. also solved the DATESINPERIOD formule with leaving one space between last arguments. Interesting..







Oh no.. now my dates begins from 1899 😞



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