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Refresh chain

Hi there,

As recommended by Power BI Documentation (, it's more efficient if you separate the ETL in different dataflows by having a staging dataflow and a transformation dataflow.
By doing so you gain a lot in efficiency, but not much on administration. As you split ETL in many dataflows and datasets, by the time you have to set a individual schedule configuration for each dataflow/dataset that belongs to the lineage.

To make schedule administration easier, it would be nice if we could configurate a Refresh Chain, where you could select a specific dataflow/dataset, view it's refresh timeline. Then all dataflow/dataset dependency would be shown in a timeline graph.

It would also be nice if we could configure the refresh schedule of the first dataflow/dataset in lineage and the following dataflow/datasets would have a option to schedule a update "As soon as possible".

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Regular Visitor

Great Idea,
i had the same problem month ago, so i create a flow on power automate
But now i had like 30 flows and it's too much...