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Gantt Chart, Collapsed with Milestones

Needed: Gantt chart where 1) each row is its own project, 2) shows segments (bars) for time segments, and 3) shows milestones that can be labeled and be different colors.



Status: Accepted
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Is this problem has solved? Does anyone have an alternative solution to this problem? Thanks

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@Anonymous , this has not been resolved. The request has been "Accepted", but doesn't appear to have traction yet. We need more votes! Get your colleagues to vote for this, too!

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@Anonymous i have used another gantt chart to build the report.

it's not perfect but kind of meet my requirements18-02-2020 10-41-34.png

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Try the  xViz Gantt chart as it already provides these capabailities -



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@Anonymous -  Mmmm...not quite. Although xViz looks nice and doesh have wonderful functionality, it does not present the same capability as what the original post is requesting.

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It's been over 2 years since this idea was marked as "selected" and yet absolutely NO movement. With the current COVID-19 outbreak timeline data is more critical than ever before and yet, Microsoft is COMPLETELY ignoring it. Sorry, Microsoft but many key industries rely on timeline, Gannt and milestone type data and yet, you continue to focus almost exclusively on financial data. Microsoft offers this forum and an" ide"a portal but both are a complete waste of time. Nothing ever changes. One would think that timelines, Gantt charts, milestones would be perfect way to display data graphically. Apparently MS doesn't agree. Oh sure, they offer their free Gantt chart but it works ONLY if you have a start and end date. Forget it if want need additional dates. The sad part is Power BI is supposed to be a way to VISUALIZE data and yet MS sucks at all things visual.
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Here we are a few years on still looking for the same solution and not really getting anywhere. MS we have a real business need for being able to create this view and it would be great to know if there will be any positive information coming our way?

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Voted (the 100th vote, woo!)


For project overview it would be greatly beneficial to have the bars merged.


Basically allow us to replace the top bar with the three seperate bars and we're good! 




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Is there anything to be done about this? Or is this just a waist of time...

maybe have to reconsider wheter Power BI is a tool to continue because lacking of basic features like this... 


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Still needed nowadays... I am amazed something can be in the backlog for 5 years...