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Ability to show/hide any object based on a condition

Hi everyone!


Nowadays, you can show or hide an object making changes on the color formatting. But, this is not 100% accurate. if we take a button as an example, we change the background color and font to white based on a condition, you will not see the button, but if you hover over the mouse, you might click on it.


Something that would be very useful, is to have the possibility to show or hide the entire object based on a condition. it could be using a metric, for example, if the metric is equal to 1, show the object, if it is equal to 0, don´t show the object. 

Thanks in advance and hope you like the idea!


Best regards,

Status: New
Advocate III

Great idea. I've been implemented some reports using Bookmarks but it's not efficent and incrediable hard working to do.