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Power BI Custom Visuals' Community


Welcome to Power BI Custom Visuals Community!

Power BI custom visuals is all about community.  We are very excited to announce that custom visuals now have a special place in the Power BI community site, to share knowledge, ideas and news!




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New Member

Morning all,


I am relatively new to Power BI and i imagine this is a fairly simple thing to do but i cannot work it out, I am trying to filter out words from the wordcloud visual such as "the", "and" as they provide no insight. I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide me around how to do this. 



Frequent Visitor

i am facing a problem for last few months in chiclet slicer, when i am opening my report it is taking 9 to 10 seconds for loading the chiclet slicer and due to which it is appearing late, is there any solution to load the slicer faster??

Frequent Visitor

I am having a similar issue to a previous poster... 

The 'Text Filter' custom visual show me this error "To see this custom visual, add it to this report first: textFilter" once published to BI Service. Works fine in BI Desktop. Thanks.

Frequent Visitor

Hi, bkara.  I was able to resolve my issue by changing the FIPS field in my table to whole number instead of text.  Once I did that, the visual rendered correctly.  I referred to this link:


Had to read it a couple of times before I actually got it into my head to check the field formatting. . .


Hope this helps.

Frequent Visitor

Drilldown Choropleth Visual Issue:  The following has been noted in using the Drilldown Choropleth Visual for Microsoft Power BI - Filtering on First Level location causes inaccurate Second Level location geographical visual - For example filtering on States results in inaccurate depiction of County level mapping.  Also, if the source data does not contain a complete state-county representation, drilling down on the visual creates similar inaccurate representation of counties especially in cases where counties in different states have the same name.  This could be due to how the Json shape files are constructed, but I experienced similar results using different json files.  I may need to forego using this visual and defer to the Shape File visual which does not offer drill down capabilities.


Card Browser Visual is not working with the document id of one table, although it works just fine on another. Eliminating all discrepancies, the index column on both tables are the same data type, both are created exactly the same way, yet one populates into the "card" format, while the other remains blank. Any suggestions?

Document ID with first table - worksDocument ID with first table - worksDocument ID with second table - doesn't workDocument ID with second table - doesn't work

index column in both tables have the same datatype, generated from PBI's index column generator.index column in both tables have the same datatype, generated from PBI's index column generator.

New Member

Hi there, I've tried several times to download the Card Browser Custom Visual by Microsoft, but the "Add" button is greyed out.  I'm signed in when I try and download the app (and I tried under my other Power BI account too- same story).  What needs to happen for me to get it?




Same here, but at my side issue is only in the desktop version. I managed to add a custom visual in the online service. Maybe a workaround for the moment is to publish the report online, edit/add the visual in the online service, download the pbix and continue your work...

we are having the same problem here , do anyone have a solution already?

Also have the same issue as of 20 minutes ago. Was okay all morning, and all of a sudden it's greyed out..

Same here. anyone got a solution?

New Member

Hi All,


Im looking for a custom radar chart where i can show value labels on the axis (e.g. a score of 1 through 5) Anyone have a solution for this?




Not applicable

I am trying to use Microsoft's Stream Graph custom visual and don't see any options to change data value colors. Is this an available feature?

Regular Visitor

The options available for controlling the Chiclet slicer under "General" disappear in the new format experience.
We use loads of chiclets and love them, but this makes them really hard to control

The basic controls about rows, columns etc look like this in the old experience:


But when I activate the new format pane:


I can't do the orientation, columns, rows in the same place:


They aren't available using search either:



Regular Visitor

Hello good night, I have a problem in the Chiclet Slicer visual that is not being rendered in the power bi service , the visual only appears when the page is reloaded, I am a user from Brazil. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

I have 2 issues when trying to sort an axis in Charticulator.


1) It does not properly sort whole numbers. It improperly sorts based on the first digit. For example, it will produce this sort order: 1, 15, 3,  35, 5, 6, 7, 75, 8, 85, 9. It will only resolve when I change my field format to decimal type.


2) When I sort it does not dynamically sort. For example, I sort by numeric value and it produces the correct sort for the year that is selected when I'm editing the visual. However, if a user makes any changes to slicers, the sort order remains sorted on the values that appeared when the edits were made. For example, if attribute 1 is 3.25 and attribute 2 is 4.25 in year 2020 when the sort was created, the axis will always keep attribute 1 at the top, even if it's value has decreased making it the lowest number in another selected year.


The link to my PBI report is here.

Not applicable

I am also experiencing the issue with dynamic sorting. When I sort, it only applies to the filter currently selected. I am also having another issue related to sorting. I am using a data axis that should only appear on the last value (at the bottom of the chart). When I try to change the field that determines the order of the chart (I want it ordered by date), the data axis still appears on the original last value (alphabetically). I am not sure how to fix this, so if anyone has advice, please let me know!

Regular Visitor

Hello All,


 I am using the Sunburst Visual. All I did was copy a visual on the same report and change the visual type to the Sunburst. The "total" displayed in the middle is different from the "table" visual. I ensured the fields have the same parameters on each visual. Could i get an explanation as to why the "totals" would show different when applying a slicer? the only difference i see between the two visuals is that one says category and one says rows. i've tried changing the fields around to try and manipulate the data but it wont work. 


category.PNGrow.PNG Sunburst.PNG

Helper III
Helper III

I have a question regarding the Text Filter.
When I want to search by multiple keywords, I use the * symbol.
The problem is that the search does not return results if the keywords are ranked in a different order.

gives the result:
* gloves**nitrile**3.2*

does not give a result:

Thanks in advance!

New Member

Hi, it is possible on the microsoft Bullet Chart (

To have the same scale for all the elements?


Its confusing that for some category values, the scale changes.


thanks a lot.

New Member

I am using the Text Filter PowerBI Visual (Text Filter ( this is just on a single csv right now. When I change the underlying CSV file to a new filename in the same format from PowerQuery Editor the Text Filter no longer filters the data. If i delete the Text Filter visuals and add as new it works as expected.

Let me know if I should have posted this elsewhere.

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