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Welcome to Power BI Custom Visuals Community!

Power BI custom visuals is all about community.  We are very excited to announce that custom visuals now have a special place in the Power BI community site, to share knowledge, ideas and news!




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I am also experiencing the issue with dynamic sorting. When I sort, it only applies to the filter currently selected. I am also having another issue related to sorting. I am using a data axis that should only appear on the last value (at the bottom of the chart). When I try to change the field that determines the order of the chart (I want it ordered by date), the data axis still appears on the original last value (alphabetically). I am not sure how to fix this, so if anyone has advice, please let me know!

Regular Visitor

Hello All,


 I am using the Sunburst Visual. All I did was copy a visual on the same report and change the visual type to the Sunburst. The "total" displayed in the middle is different from the "table" visual. I ensured the fields have the same parameters on each visual. Could i get an explanation as to why the "totals" would show different when applying a slicer? the only difference i see between the two visuals is that one says category and one says rows. i've tried changing the fields around to try and manipulate the data but it wont work. 


category.PNGrow.PNG Sunburst.PNG

Helper III
Helper III

I have a question regarding the Text Filter.
When I want to search by multiple keywords, I use the * symbol.
The problem is that the search does not return results if the keywords are ranked in a different order.

gives the result:
* gloves**nitrile**3.2*

does not give a result:

Thanks in advance!

New Member

Hi, it is possible on the microsoft Bullet Chart (

To have the same scale for all the elements?


Its confusing that for some category values, the scale changes.


thanks a lot.

New Member

I am using the Text Filter PowerBI Visual (Text Filter ( this is just on a single csv right now. When I change the underlying CSV file to a new filename in the same format from PowerQuery Editor the Text Filter no longer filters the data. If i delete the Text Filter visuals and add as new it works as expected.

Let me know if I should have posted this elsewhere.

Can you make sure your filter logic is correct?


Frequent Visitor

Many of my commonly used visuals can no longer be customized, easily.  I am trying to modify the number of columns and rows for the chiclet slicer and I can not find where to make this very basic modification.  HELP PLEASE!

I just spent 10 minutes looking through the same few formatting options in the November 2021 update for the Chiclet slicer.  I just want to control how many columns and rows the visual has, but the control is either missing or so well hidden that it may as well BE missing.  Please fix, PBI team!  Too many cool features to lose by rolling back to Oct 2021.

Frequent Visitor



An update seems to have been made to the Card Browser visual OR its since the latest release of Power BI Desktop that makes the sorting field useless. I am unable to sort by anything other than the document ID.


Please help, this visual was very useful where I have clients in cards but sorted them by position in queue.


Is this a problem for others?



Hi folks
Ok this is driving me nuts, I had a work around by being able to sort using the "Preview" column - I had to work some HTML in there to ensure it sorted correctly but now that option seems to have disappeared too.

It seems that now you can only sort by the DocumentID field.

Has anyone got any ideas or help please?



Regular Visitor

I recently started using the card browser, it is an amazing visual and is very powerful. I have noticed however that at times it will not appear in the mobile application. When the app refreshes it just kind of vanishes, is there any way you can take a look? It always comes up in the desktop app, but is missing in the mobile app. 

Frequent Visitor

I'm looking to style the Attribute Slicer (not normal Slicer).  I can't find any documentation on the naming and attributes that I can modify for this element.  Any help appriciated.

New Member

We embedded visul Gantt ( in the dashboard and sent it to the corporation's local gateway and configured automatic update, but later from the first update the visual data does not appear on the screen. Has anyone experienced this same problem? How could I resolve this, please?
Frequent Visitor

Hello.  I'm having an issue with burry text in the Card Browser visual.  When clicking on a card to expand the card, the front of the card text is blurry in the online app and sharepoint embed.  It is not blurry in the desktop.  When you select the back of the card view, the text is not blurry.  Is there a setting or a ticket that relates to this so the text is no longer blurry?


"Text filter"


The visual Text filter will not be depreicated. We will continue supporting this visual.
The in-product message will be removed.



Good morning @Ranin. It looks like the visualization has been removed from AppSource and is again showing the deprecation warning. Please advise. I have reopened my case.

The visual will be back again to AppSource on Wednesday and the message will be removed.

We will still be providing support for this visual.


Thanks for the feedback.

Advocate I
Advocate I

"Text Filter"

This has been a very useful visual for me in my various Power BI report. However, I recently noticed an "alert" on this visual, saying it is not supported. can you please update the visual to the latest interface? 


Else, is there an alternate visual for this? I know the Slicer has similar functionality. 





"Text filter"


The visual Text filter will not be depreicated. We will continue supporting this visual.
The in-product message will be removed.


Frequent Visitor

Hi all,


I encountered the same issue as described above, I reached out to Ranin from Microsoft and got the following reply;




I would love to believe this, but if this is true an immediate post here and on other community forum posts indicating this would be great. Until there is official notification I don't think anyone can rely on that message.

I spoke with support and the product team yesterday and was advised it was definitely going away.

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