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Power BI Custom Visuals' Community


Welcome to Power BI Custom Visuals Community!

Power BI custom visuals is all about community.  We are very excited to announce that custom visuals now have a special place in the Power BI community site, to share knowledge, ideas and news!




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Hi all,


I encountered the same issue as described above, I reached out to Ranin from Microsoft and got the following reply;




I would love to believe this, but if this is true an immediate post here and on other community forum posts indicating this would be great. Until there is official notification I don't think anyone can rely on that message.

I spoke with support and the product team yesterday and was advised it was definitely going away.

Hi BamDastard,

I am not working for MS so there no guarantees from my side, besides that it is my genuine email message and here reply. She is a Product Manager associated with PowerBI / Visualisations (see the top of this page). I informed my customer about the reply but ofc will keep on checking whether it indeed keeps on working.

I did just receive a call and follow up email from support on my open ticket confirming that the Text Filter will not be deprecated! So, all confirmed now!


Thank you, @tjvbi for posting this exchange! Now if we can just get someone to send out that confirmation to the community...



Absolutely, I don't doubt the email exchange is real and appreciate you posting it. I would just like to see, if that decision has been made from the product team, some official communication. That is targeted to the product team, not you. This has caused quite an uproar.

We have this visual in many of our enterprise reports. What is the impact to those existing reports published to the service after this has been deprecated? Will the reports load with the visual just showing an error? How can we collect all of our reports that have been published with this visual to replace it?

We deploy Power BI embedded to hundreds of Airlines around the world, this is a key visual for our users.

Couldn't agree more. This visual is critical to our reports because the alternative search feature set available using drop downs is horribly non-user friendly. The base format of a search box has always been a form of a simple text filter. It's baffling to me that a modern system could be implemented without one. This will be a huge blow if we can't find an alternative. 

Agree we use it in most of our reports and don't have any alterative. It isn't the most performant or feature rich visual but it is the best we have.


I wish there was a native integration with Cognitive Search in Power BI.

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I enjoy Gantt 2.2.3 very much but I do need help with an improvement. For some reason the "End Date" does not give the normal options for a date visual field. I have attached a document showing the difference between the "Start Date" & "End Date" fields (First Screenshot). Second Screenshot shows a discrepancy between the raw data and what comes into the visual for Sch Finish DateTime (My data field). I'm assuming that the issue on Second Screenshot of the attached may solve the issue, otherwise I may need help with that as well.


To verify the issue was with the data field on the visual I dragged the Sch Start DateTime field being used in the Start Date field and still was not given the normal options of showing the date or the date heirarchy (this is the normal behavior when date fields are used on visuals.


Issues with Gantt 2.2.3 by Microsoft Corporation - Page 2.pngIssues with Gantt 2.2.3 by Microsoft Corporation - Page 1.pngIssues with Gantt 2.2.3 by Microsoft Corporation - Page 3.png

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For the Gantt 2.2.3 visualization, when I try to customize the format of the date that shows on the tooltip, there is an issue where when I try to format the date as 'MM/YYYY' the month always shows as 0. The only time I can get the month to show up successfully is by simply typing 'M' but then it only shows the month and date and not the year. Anytime I try to show month and year in the tooltip, the month zeroes out. The default format of the tooltip is no good either because it shows time. I'm just trying to ge it to show "MM/YYYY" for the tooltip. 

It works in my report using 2.2.3. Although, I have to write "MM/yyyy" (y's in lower-case). Could this be due to issue with how the localization is set up for you?




One of the user is experiencing issue: it doesn't show current timeline slicer selection in the power bi report for Exported PDF/PPT in power bi service. any ideas or insights are appreciated


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For the timeline slicer, link is broken and will include another visual if you import it.

Same problem here, trying to download the Timeline Slicer, but it downloads Charticulator

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I have the same issue here! How we can fix it?


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Hello All,


I've been trying to use the Outliers Detection. But we have to install DMwR package from R into PowerBI.  But DMwR has been archieved by R and can't install.  Therefore the Outliers Decection is not working.  I managed to find DMwR version 2 in the R Studio. Can anyone suggest any solution so that we can use the Outliers Detection, please.Outlier.png


Thank you




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Hi, How can you find the developer from a custum visual? I use Radar Chart (  and have some (urgent) suggestions for better functionality...



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Hi everybody, 


we developed a Power BI visual and want to make it freely available within the appsource. Unfortunately, there is no "add Power-Visual" listed in our Partner Center as described in the documentation Anyone experienced similar problems or can help?



Resolver I
Resolver I

How does one go about getting an existing app update?  The Timeline 2.4.0 is great but it need a update to allow the Fiscal Year to appear correctly in the display area.  Currently if you don't take Jan as your beginning of the year an have a different beginning of the year, the Month display shows the title with the Year for the end of the period.  So a fiscal year of 2021-2022 the app shows only 2022.

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Hi all,


I'm trying to add some custom visuals (such as Power KPI Matrix) from files to a PBI report using PBI Desktop (Jan 21 version), and the icons simply don't show up in the "Visualisations" section.

I see a message "The visual was successfully imported into this report", but nothing happens.


This issue seems to be resolved in the newest (May 21) release.

Is this a known issue in Jan 21 version?

Could it be that there's an issue with my PBI Desktop installation?



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