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Conditional formatting color on x-axis label

Hi All,

I'm working on bar chart with x-axis contain year & week arrangement. I want to apply some conditional formatting on x-axis label to give indication of particular week, ie. week 43 with different color against the rest. i have arrange additional column 'cweek' contain '0' and '1' to differentiate current week vs the rest.


However, when i apply conditional formatting, with any method, turns out all the color still same and no difference on current week. (gradient, rules, field value with column 'cweekcol'). Any idea how to work on conditional formatting or 1-0 condition cannot work here?


i prefer to apply coloring in the x axis label, not the data label, bar to ensure the color is there even when the data is zero (bar not shown).





thanks in advance.

Helper II
Helper II

Same problem any resolution 😞

Why there is a conditional formatting pane if this doesn't works with the filter context?



Please change the condition like below see if it works for you. Instead of percent use number




Is not the same FX option.





There isn't the icon field.


Thank you in any case.

Super User
Super User

@yudhi5 Hi! 

There is no way you can do it, because in the axis of the chart, as in the title, you are not in the filter context, so it applies the same value to all the labels, he cannot understand the underlying value what you see. 



Frequent Visitor

thanks for this explanation, ive been pulling my hair our trying to work out why my axis wasnt shows the correct colour, and from your explanation i realies that i was using another table to provide the X-axis therefore my condiditonal formatiing has no idea of the value of my calculation... 

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