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The Ultimate Waterfall Chart

Hello Everybody!


Let me introduce you today the Ultimate Waterfall Chart, a Custom Visual by, soon available in the gallery. Let’s have a more detailed look on my first example I have prepared. Its not a final dashboard, it just has the charts or features on it I want to explain.






 We are looking here at a vertical or so called calculation Waterfall Chart. The status bars represent base and result measures (e.g. sales and EBIT) whereas the contribution bars in between represent the increase or decrease of the measures. It is used for every category, except time series which I would like to explain in the second part of this post later. This vertical Waterfall is also grouped by years. So, it’s a so called small multiple chart.


One single chart is basically multiplied by another Dimension/Column. Since, for example, 1000 USD have is the same bar size/length in all charts. So, a visual comparison is possible -- we call that “same scaling”. The “Blue” bar is a manual added sub total sum. You can change also the color of these types of bars for special highlighting in case you would like to. You can basically change all colors of all bars in this visuals. The default colors follow also the IBCS Colors. Last but not least it is also possible to sort the charts inside the small multiples by the multiplied category.






Below you see an example of an horizontal Waterfall Chart which is used for Time Series only. We have here a single Chart (of course, small multiples are also possible) with three subtotals and the total value which each of them represents the year-to-date (YTD) value. This is the sum of 3 months for Quarter 1 in case and the sum of the first 9 month for Q3 YTD.






We are happy to get your feedback and suggestions for enhancements as well. These charts are following the rules of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)






Wow, that's really visually effective


Have you seen an example of a waterfall chart that shows:

First Bar:  Previous Year total

Middle Bars:  Year over Year Change

End Bar:  and Year End Total 


For example:

First Bar:  Pervious Year Total for Year 2016:  17M Cars

Middle Bars:  GM+400K, Ford -100K, Toyota-200K, Honda+500K, Chrysler+400K

End Bar:  Year End Total for Year 2017 = 18M Cars


The data source only shows cars production by year.  So the totals and year-over-year deltas would be calculations.  

I am able to create this view in Tableau, but it was not easy.




we are working on a sceranrio like this. We know that this is a much requested feature.

Keep watching our blog to be informed about updates in the next 3 weeks




Define up to 8 subtotals and their name as well.. PowerBI Ultimate Waterfall Chart major update with a lot of improvements! get it here  - a full functional version..



SNEAK PREVIEW: PowerBI Ultimate Variance Chart Custom Visual


Hello @Anonymous


we have now something which could fit your requirements. register for a private preview in case you want to test that feature:

  • Support for Variance Waterfalls
    • Define Start Value
    • Define or calculate Deviation as increase/decrease

Register for private preview.




these waterfall charts look so cool. Well done.

Just an FYI, seems like is down?

thx, should be online again!

Hi. Great visual. 

Tring to test with some date but am getting a licence expired message. Hoping you can help. 

Thanks in advance

Great visual. Question - Is there a way to conditionally shade the background behind the waterfall? For example, we often do KPI waterfall charts by Date and shade holidays etc.  


Great visual. 

I will watch carefully. Hoping it can help me. 

Thanks you

Newest Feature Sheet is here available:




2 simple formatting questions


1. Is there a reason why I would not be able to change each individual column bar color? I have show all on, and when I choose a color it automatically reverts back to the white box witht the red line through it.


2. Is there a way to remove the + or - signs from the data labels?




How can i hide name from the chart?



Is there a way to set DYNAMIC Y-AXIS scaling on UNTIMATE WATERFALL CHART.


If not, we dont see an option to set START POINT for Y-axis on ultimate waterfall chart.


Could you please provide some details if any of above features are avaiable which we are missing.


Thanks in Advance



Is there a way to set DYNAMIC Y-AXIS scaling on UNTIMATE WATERFALL CHART.


If not, we dont see an option to set START POINT for Y-axis on ultimate waterfall chart.


Could you please provide some details if any of above features are avaiable which we are missing.


Thanks in Advance

Hello All, 

Regarding the SubTotals option for Ultimate Waterfall, I am able to give only 1 subtotal.

The comma separated values for Subtotal Index is not working. Can you please suggest what can be done.


Thanks in Advance, 


you can order a trial version of the full version here:




Can we change the Y-axis scale in Ultimate waterfall? The increaments/decreaments we have are very small compared to the start and end value which makes the bars look like a line. If we can custom define the start and end of Y-axis it would be great. Please let me know.




yes, we ha function called limit outier.


Hey klabir, Thanks for answering. Can you tell me where I can find limit outlier?

in the settings pane, you xan play with zoom rate in case2019-04-30 20_18_26-Ultimate Charts Demo - Power BI Desktop.png






I might have some kind of a bug: after entering manually a subtotal, the following categories restart at 0 and not at the level of the subtotal? pretty inconvenient! is it a bug? or did I forget a specific option of this great visualization?

It is already fixed in current Version 2.17. Contact me for more info.



I can't get the 'sort by Column' to work.


Attached is a screenpint of Ultimate Waterfall (top) compared to the normal Power BI Waterfall.  Both are sorted by category.



Hi folks,


I've been having a major issue with the "Limit Outlier" feature not working while I have a total bar enabled in my ultimate waterfall. Here's what my data looks like: as you can see, the deltas are much much smaller than the totals.






The "Limit Outlier" feature makes this a lot lot nicer to look at:




But when I have the Total bar enabled, the feature stops working. I've tried adjusting every setting in the limit outlier options (Zoom factor, Manual/Auto, etc) but it refuses to give any display other than this: 



Could anyone provide any advice on how to deal with this? Is this a known issue with the visual?


Thank you very much ^_^