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New Beta version of powerbi-visual-tools v3

We are pleased to announce Beta release of powerbi-visuals-tools v3.

This Beta release brings a lot of new features for Custom Visuals development experience.

With new Typescript v3 and ES6 modules support, users are able to integrate modern versions of all popular libraries like D3 V5 or others.


What’s new in beta?

  • TypeScript v3.0.1 by default.
  • ES6 Modules supported.
  • New versions of D3v5 and other external libraries are supported.
  • Reduced package size.
  • Improved API performance.
  • and many more.

How to start using new Beta?

Check out the powerbi-visuals-tools v3 migration guide.

For any question and help please contact


Support for ES6

Power BI visual tools 3.0.x brings modern ES6 modules into TypeScript code. The new tools are backward compatible so you can keep your source code as is. In order to use new version of libraries like D3v5 some changes are required, please check this article for the full migration guide.


Do you need some examples?

Please check these visuals that were already migrated to ES6 and converted to use Webpack.

MekkoChart, RadarChart and LineDotChart