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New Member

sorry you don't have access to publish to this workspace, please contact the owner for access.

I'm trying to publish the Power BI desktop report into an existing workspace. I'm the Admin for the workspace and uses an on-premise gateway to refresh the data. It throws me this weird error. Did anyone face this problem before? checked old forums, nothing helped. Any suggestions or help?

Power BI Error.JPG


Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @dhanish 

This thread   discusses the same error message.

It was solved by modifying the registry. You can check if the solution works for you,but it may be risky.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason


Super User
Super User

Are others able to publish into the workspace?

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Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello @dhanish ,  


If you are the admin of the app workspace and have a Pro License then you should be able to publish the report to that particular app workspace. Try to log out then log in and try to republish the same copy. If the issue persists then kinldy provide the following info:


1) File size of the Desktop Report

2) Is the app workspace in Premium Capacity

3) Try to publish the same report in another app workspace and revert.


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Renu KS


@RenuKshirsagar Thanks for the response. I do have Pro License. Earlier, I have tried log out and logging in - not successful with this approach. 1) File size: 1.4 MB 2) NO its not premium capacity, using O365 - Power BI  3) I even created a new workspace, same error.

Hello @dhanish ,  


Can you ask some other member of the app workspace to publish one report just to verify if the issue lies only on your side. Also you can try to clear your browser's cache and sign out from your Desktop, sign in again and try to republish.  


If this information was helpful, then kindly hit the LIKE button and promote this as a solution if it resolved your error.  





Super User
Super User

Hi @dhanish ,


I have heard of this being an issue sometimes when the gateway and/or desktop and/or service are not the same version (I don't think you mentioned Gateway but if you are using it, update that as well).  After that, select the Workspace and make sure (again) that the Workspace actually has you as admin OF THE WORKSPACE, as you believe it should.  I am assuming that you are talking about a Workspace and not the App Workspace.  I am also asuming that you are not on Premium.


Let us know how this works out.


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@collinq Thanks for your reply. Yes using on-premise Gateway, I have configured 2 Gateways. One of them is in the October 2020 3000.63.4 version(upgraded recently) and the other one is in December 2019 - 3000.21.18 version(currently Dashboard uses this gateway to refresh the data). How do I know, gateway, desktop, and service were not in the same versions? is there documentation or link I can follow?


1. published with 2 Power BI Desktop Versions: a) 2.73.5586.1101 64-bit (September 2019), b) 2.86.727.0 64-bit (October 2020) - same error for both.

2. I have created a new workspace and tried to publish the report  - the same error.


I'm not on Premium. Yes, I'm the admin for the Workspace.

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