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date value of slicer visual not updating after the scheduled refresh


We have a report in power bi that is scheduled refresh daily and connects on-premise data source. After the refresh was made, the date value in slicer visual is still not updating. We still need to manually refresh the page before the changes take effect. 


For example, we publish the report yesterday (02-21-2017), and the data is refreshed today, the latest value of the date in slicer must be 02-22-2017 but the changes do not take effect. This issue is encountered in Service but in Desktop, it works fine.


Thanks for your response. 🙂




Hi @da26


Could I ask a question for on your Date Slicer, is a date range specifically selected? 


The reason I ask is if you had to remove the Date slicer, and just put in a Card which has the latest date, and refresh your data, does the card reflect the latest date?


If it does then the process is working as expected and it is that there is a selection on the Date Slicer that is causing it now to show the updated data correctly.

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@CL2316Nope, have been working with microsoft support on this for months. So far their response is thats how its intended to work and I need to manually update my report EVERY DAY to update the default slicer value. Frustating that they can just mark these threads as "resolved" without proving a solution and then ignoring further comments for eternity. Will let you know if I get any solution from support.

Thanks for getting back to me! I think I've found some kind of solution. I opened the report on PowerBI Desktop app, deleted the slicer, added a new slicer and added the date column as usual. Then I republished the report without touching the slicer.


Whenever the report is refreshed, the slicer now automatically updates to show the most recent data e.g. on 18th Jul, the max date on the slicer was 17th Jul. The data refreshed overnight, now on 19th Jul, the max date on the slicer is 18th Jul which is what i wanted.

I think if you start editing the slicer after it's made, it's classed as filtered even if all the dates are eventually selected. E.g. if you have a Between slicer and you filter it to last 24M. If you then drag it to the min and max, it's still been edited somehow by a human.

Thank you - yours was the advice that solved it for me!  After reading it, I did the following:

  1. Created a new date filter
  2. Changed the style (under Slicer settings) to "Between"
  3. Do not to interact with the slider or date picker
  4. Save & publish

After refreshing my data the next morning, I saw that the right side of the slider had advanced to the new date (today's) without anyone touching it... finally!


If you do accidentally interact with the filter or don't want to delete/replace/reformat misbehaving filters in your existing reports, you still have hope.  I found that stretching out the slider to its max on both ends again, then clicking on the "Reset to default" option (also found under Slicer settings) can get you back on track again - as long as you don't interact with the dates within the .pbix again.


This has been a years-long frustration for many developers, and it should be more intuitive than this to resolve it.

Hey I appreciate the work around. It sort of works but unfortunately not for my scenario.


The default date range now updates, however that date range is actually not being applied by default until an end user interacts with the slicer.


For example if you have a fact table that has a larger date range than your date table, previously the date slicer would limit the fact table to that range. Now no time restrictions at all are passed by default, despite the date slicer showing a limited range. The moment when the end user first adjust the date slicer is when those values are actually passed to the dashboard. So I have data that is outside the default date range leaking in. Good news is I can develop around it but its something to be aware of.

Any progress on this - same problem. Date range is not applied until the user clicks on both of the ends of the slicer.

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