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Usage metrics: I see many differents GUID for one report



I have created a reporting based on "Report Usage Metrics Model".


My question is that I see many GUIDs for each of my reports.

In this example screenshot, the same report has 2 differents GUID. The GUID 1 is the one I see in the URL. When I try to use GUID2 in the URL, I have an Error 401. This report has only one Tab. 


Anyone has a clue about why these several GUIDs ? Thanks



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I see a similar issue.


In our case:

  • each of the 5 reports on our single workspace have multiple (from 3 to 10) Report GUIDS listed in Usage Metrics
    • however, only 2 GUIDS per Report Name have views (and View Count seems pretty balanced between each pair)
    • I can succesfully open a report by replacing a GUIDs in URL.
    • However I cannot download or edit one of the report and it seems that it's a different version, as some numbers are mismatched. The workspace is the same, report name is the same (but there is only 1 report in actual workspace)
  • Multiple GUIDS appear only for those reports, which are accessed via the app. 
    • Note - those reports also using a shared dataset
    • In our solution there are 3 other workspaces where each report has its own dataset, but none of them have this issue 
  • Additionally, we try to levarage Power BI REST API combined with Log Analytics, and I found out: 
    • Power BI REST API retrieves just one GUID per report name in a workspace group (retrieved GUIDS are associated with reports visible on the workspace)
    • However, Log Analytics shows a data for both GUIDs, therefore joining two datasets results in blank attribute names for many query executions logged
    • With Log Analytics I found that users who access report via 1st GUID are developers/managers with higher than "Viewer" capabilities, whereas 2nd GUID is associated to users regular users (could that be an app that generates another report GUID...? It's not appearing on the app, though)

Can anyone advise?

Were you able to find a solution for this issue? I'm also getting two different guids for the same report in Log Analytics and then when I use the REST API to get the report data I only get the information for the GUID that is presented in Service when I open the report, which doesn't allow me to get the report name in a proper way to analyze more efficientely the Log Analytics data.

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Thank you @Tutu_in_YYC for those infos.


Nevertheless, I can't recognise what I see among those 3 scenarii. As you can see in the screenshot, User1 on 6th January opens two GUID for the same report name. And one GUID I can find in my workspace when I use GUID in a URL it displays the right report, the other one displays an 401 error when I paste that GUID in the URL.


Is there maybe a GUID for opening the Dataset ? Anyone has a clue ?


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

GUID is the unique identifier for a report. In a workspace GUID is unique but the same report name can appear multiple times. This can happen in a few ways:

1. You have an existing report in the workspace, deleted it then republish, it will be assigned with a new GUID

2. If you save a copy of a report in the workspace (re-using existing dataset in the workspace), you can re-use existing report name, but GUID will be different

3. You renamed an existing report in the workspace using an existing other existing report name in the workspace.


Those are some scenarios where you may have same name but different GUID.  

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