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Stacked Bar Chart problem. Adding totals rather than separate values.

Hello everyone 🙂 


I'm currently having an issue with representing data on a stacked bar chart visual and I'm not sure on the correct way to proceed or if it's even possible.


I have 3 drill down options - Main exams > Sub Exams > User scores for exams. These are broken up into 0/20/40/60/80/100 values. My issue is if I have 10/100 students with 60% score, in the sub exam

chapter, I'd like to see in the above level the 10 students represented as 60% each. At the minute, it seems to be adding up all of their totals and giving me 10 students with 100%, if that makes sense? 


I've linked to some images below to give an example.


This image is the User Score drill down. As you can see, x amount of users have scored 40% in their respective exams. There is overall 100+ students and it gives you an overall views of their score range and breaks it into 0/20/40/60/80/100. Apologies for the poor snipping!


User scores for Sub Exam e.g. 1a Joe Bloggs etc.User scores for Sub Exam e.g. 1a Joe Bloggs etc.

This image is the next level up, for the subchapters. As you can see, for the top level bar, it is displaying 23 users on 100% and 101 on 0%. The 101 is fine, the issue is that I'd like it to display 23 users on 40%. It seems to be adding up all the scores of total users and giving me a value of them all based on that. 




The axis for the visual are these - Chapter/Subchapter for Main Exam and Sub Exam and Title for users name. This is used when drilling down. 


The X Axis contains the measure to display each users score. 


The measure examples for each of these are -


20% = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(jobs[jUEmailId] ), Filter(subchapters, subchapters[MasterCount] >= 1 )) -[100%] - [80%] - [60%] - [40%]


100% = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT(jobs[jUEmailId] ), (FILTER(subchapters, subchapters[MasterCount] >= 5 )))


0% = [#ChapterUsers] - [100%] - [80%] - [60%] - [40%] - [20%]
The MasterCount measure referred to is just a simple measure to add up user scores. Each test has a score of 1, which would be equal to 20%. 
The measure of that is 
MasterCount = [CountScenario1] + [CountScenario2] + [CountScenario3] + [CountTask1] + [CountTask2]



Hopefully that should all make some sense? The main issue is just displaying the visuals correctly. It's frustrating as at the user level, it is displaying the correct scores, it's just on the levels above, main and sub exams, it seems to be adding all the data together, rather than seperating it, which is my main issue. 


Thank you for any help or advice 🙂 If there's any questions, feel free to let me know and I'll try and update you on anything. 


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