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Helper III
Helper III

Salesforce Object (Dataflow Entity) fails refresh when Incremental Refresh is enabled

Hi, I have created a dataflow entity from a salesforce object containing several years of case data. The goal was to setup an incremental refresh for only new data, since the past data will never change. However, when I enable an incremental refresh on case closed date, the dataflow fails to refresh. I get this message in the details: Error: Data Source Error : DataSource.Error: invalid query locator {[...]}.. RootActivityId = f95ed3a6-f874-42f0-91c3-5c9ab88d412c.Param1 = DataSource.Error: invalid query locator {[...]} Request ID: 9be5b8a5-79f7-b1a3-a2ac-cb4abac2b7b8.


When I have this option disabled, the refresh works as expected; however, the refresh takes about 15 minutes to refresh. I need to refresh this data every hour, so a 15 minute refresh is way to long. 



Super User
Super User

Try using a lower API version like 44 or 28 - those have been used for the longest stretches.

Helper I
Helper I

I have the same issue, Everything has been working perfectly for about 2 weeks, then all of a sudden i get this error:


Error: Data Source Error : DataSource.Error: invalid query locator {[...]}.. RootActivityId = c2a89e7e-52c5-4bb4-9e4a-bfda936f0854.Param1 = DataSource.Error: invalid query locator {[...]} Request ID: 675d8106-ac23-306a-945e-c60a589cb6e7.


If i turn incremental refresh off it works fine.

I read that Microsoft has changed the default API last month, so i check out SF and we are on 51, i tried connecting using that and still the same error.


Basically it's taken what was refreshing in 8 ins to about 65 as i have to turn increamental refresh off to get it to work.


Was there a resolution to this one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Super User
Super User

"I need to refresh this data every hour, so a 15 minute refresh is way to long. "


No it is not.  If it would take 65 minutes then it would be too long. 15 minutes is wholly acceptable on the Power BI side.  You may get an angry call from your SFDC admins for blowing through the API call allowance but that is a different story.


The Salesforce connector does not natively support incremental refresh. You need to be very careful to set that up and make it work satisfactorily. Please describe your setup, or show the Power Query code. Use the Power Query Diagnostic tool to verify that SOQL query folding is actually happening.

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