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Refreshing Dataset when using Direct Query

I have created a dashboard where in i select the Direct Query mode in conection settings. I see the data and charts correctly when i open the ..pbix file in my powerbi desktop. Once i publish this report, the next time it does not refresh even though i have entered the SQL Credentials in the dataset.


I have a setup where in SQL DB is populated on daily basis. After publishing the powerbi report when using direct query, the report dosent get refreshed next day. I try to manually refresh also but nothing happens. I have to open the report in powerbi desktop, do a refresh there and then publish again.
How to make the data set getting refreshed when using the Direct Query mode. 


Thanks in advance.

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I was having the same issue, myself. I found the issue was that I had capitals in the SQL server name configured on the gateway, but I was lazy and didnt capitalize it when configuring the connection in the PBI Desktop report. Those server names need to be exactly the same in both.

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You should understand what direct query is? It means live connection to your data and you do not need to refresh the dataset as you are connecting live to your data set.


Refer more on this at


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Yeah I think its understood direct query is directly querying db.Its in the name... But dataset refresh will call the query and create a fresh query to db and thats what is asked here..

Thanks for the reply Bhavesh.


I understand that Direct Query creates a live connection to data source.


In my case, the sql table is getting data filled once everyday. So everyday, the tiles and charts created whith the dataset which used Direct Query should be updated. Am i correct? For me this thing is not happening.




Hi varunsingh,


Agree with @BhaveshPatel here. Using Direct Query with On-premises data sources, there is no need to configure Schedule refresh.

Read more about this under the Live connections and DirectQuery to on-premises data sources part in the article below:

Data refresh in Power BI

Please check the dataSet by right click in Power BI service, there should be information marked that this is a live connection.

Check the data source settings, make sure it is well configured.

If issue insists, then please post back.



I have the same issue. I am have created report in Power BI desktop and then published the report. My data source is on-premise SQL Server and uses Direct Query.  If I make changes to the data it should refresh the published report, but it doesn't do that. Instead of refreshing the report on its own, I have to click refresh now on the ribbon of report.  Is there way to configure the refresh time on Power BI Service or any other way around?

I too have the same issue.


I´m using Power Bi Desktop and connecting to an On Premiss SQL Database


After I created my report in PBI Desktop I then published it to the PBI cloud and created an On premiss Gateway in the PBI cloud.


Now I really would like to know how to get the dashboard to auto-refresh whenever the source database gets an update.

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Hi, I am in same situation, I have never seen the Power BI reports refreshed via DirectQuery on Services.

I am using Azure SQL Server which you told it doesn't need Gateway.

I have separate IDs between PowerBI Pro and Azure, is it affect it ?


Is that your connection to the source is correctly configured. For data sources other than Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Data Warehouse that use DirectQuery, and Enterprise Gateway must be installed and the data source must be registered to establish a data connection. 

Thanks & Regards,

Love the Self Service BI.
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