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RLS in Chained Datasets

RLS on Upstream Semantic Model
2 hours ago

Hi Hive Mind,


I have been wrestling with this for a few days and am not getting anywhere so figured it was tiem to ask.


I have  a semantic Model 'PEPI - NOHH' with RLS set up on the table 'Meterpoint Details'


this is working as expected and filters dwon the data on a report that is built from thos model.



I have now created a new report that is connected to this Model as an Upstream Semantic Model along with another Upstream Model.






in this set up the RLS on PEPI - NOHH is no longer working, i cant set up RLS in Desktop as the Report is only using existing Semantic Models....


how can i achieve the ame RLS filtration with this setup or is this not possible?


Thanks in advance


Regular Visitor

Hi @lbendlin 

Let me try and give a bit more detail, we use this report emdeded in our Customer Portal, there is currently a report called PEPI - NOHH which is embeded and has been in use for a number fo years.

The PEPI-NOHH model has the following RLS filter

[CompanyID] = value(username()) ||
[HQID] = value(username()) ||
[REGIONID] = value(username())


The Username() is passed in as an integer value by our portal when the report is loaded.

I am developing a new report to replace the existing, using data from both the PEPI -  NOHH Model and the HH Data 2 Model.

If i log into our Portal as as user the PEPI - NOHH tables are not filtrering down based on the logic in the RLS filter on PEPI - NOHH. 


on that basis it appers the RLS of the "other models" is not being utilized


any thoughts would be most appreciated

You seem to be passing a userid that has "full access" on that RLS.

Super User
Super User

Your report will continue to utilize the RLS of the "other"  semantic models. Please describe what you mean by "no longer working".  How did you test?

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