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Advocate I

Problem with scheduled refresh error Expression.Error: The field 'SPRequestGuid' of the record wasn'

Hello all, I had a Power BI report with a refresh error that had been working propertly for the last few months, today I had an error that starts with: 


Expression.Error: The field 'SPRequestGuid' of the record wasn't found.


Apparently targeting some table that comes from sharepoint. The think is that the report works perfectly on power bi desktop and doesn't give me an error never. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

So now Microsoft is closing my ticket with these clorure notes, not sure what that means I should do in the meantime:

This is to inform you that, this is a Known issue from the Product, which was recently acknowledged. Please be assured that our product team is continuously working on the ongoing issue.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused on behalf of Microsoft.
 If you need any further assistance on this case then please feel free to reach out to us, If there are no queries other than this, may I know can we close the service request.

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Advocate I
Advocate I

I have raised a case with Microsoft and here is their response:
"I have gone through the statement you provided. As you mentioned, we have found that many other users are also facing the same issue, we would like to inform you that our product team is working and investigating on the issue, and we will get back to you as soon as possible."
So fingers crossed they will resolve it soon.

Is it resolved from

your end ?

No, the issue is not resolved yet and my ticket with Microsoft is still open.



Same here, several errors on different data models. Since it works fine on desktop, I will wait before going back to v1 of the connector, as many data fields are different from one version to the other.


I also decided to wait. The workaround suggested by Microsoft to change to Implementation 1.0 is not suffiecient for me as I also get multiple errors and would rather not spend hours rebuilding everything.

I'm in the exact same position

Frequent Visitor

same issue here since some days. withouth any change.
now it still works on the desktop, just online refresh isn't possible anymore.
I will not touch (version 2->1) the connection, since I can still wait some time before impact. Hope this will get fixed again on the ms side

New Member

Same error here also. I am using PowerBi to combine data from two different Sharepoint tables. Report has been working perfectly for about an year. On friday I started to get this error

Regular Visitor

Same error here. Please how can we fix?
New Member

Same here. Every published report with a data connection to a sharepoint online list has failed. Seems this is not something new though. It comes and goes the last few years.


Please fix. All our reporting mechanism is broken at the moment. Going though desktop is not an option. 

I've been experiencing this issue for the past two weeks (since April 14, 2024). During the first week, it occurred only three times, and each time during a specific time frame. It refreshes fine through Power BI Desktop, but when published to the service, it triggers an error. Initially, I suspected that our Admin might have made changes to our SharePoint configuration.


Do you think Microsoft will address this issue? It's quite challenging to switch from version 2 to version 1 of the implementation. Moreover, the refresh process is significantly slower with implementation version 1.0.

Frequent Visitor

I started having this same issue as of last night on all of my reports using Sharepoint Online Lists.

None of the published reports will refresh. I can open the same reports in PBI desktop, refresh, and republish without issue. I've tried refreshing the table preview in Power Query editor and republishing per a recommendation on reddit but it didn't seem to fix the issue. Also tried refreshing all data source credentials and still no luck.


Anyone have any thoughts? 

I have gone through the same steps as you did and have exactly the same results, I'm starting to feel it has to do with some microsoft problem.

I have managed to find kind of a workaround, if you re do the tables but using implementation 1.0 instead of 2.0 it works normally, you should rename all the columns due to implementation 1.0 delete all the spaces in the table headers. This makes me feel that it have something to do with some update that microsoft might have done and broke something.

Frequent Visitor

I have this issue just now popping up in PowerBI Desktop, hadn't seen it before. Does anyone have an update from Microsoft or should we revert back to 1.0 connections?

We're having the same issue.


I have noticed that Sharepoint links that are done with implementation 1 seem to still work, however any on implementation 2 fail.

You can change your links to bypass the issue, you'll just have to do a few extra steps with your data.


Screenshot 2024-04-29 094028.png


Same issue for me. Everything just stopped working. With all my reports suddenly on last Friday. If I update it from my PowerBIDesktop it works. However, the programmed updates of all panels is not working, same error starting with Expression.Error: The field 'SPRequestGuid' of the record wasn't found..

Best regards

Data source error: Expression.Error: The field 'SPRequestGuid' of the record wasn't found.

The same issue happend to me yesterday when I tried to refreash the data.

Yeah considering I didn't change anything in any reports and suddenly all of them broke at the same time I was kind of thinking it's something on Microsoft's end. I'm going to sit tight and hope it resolves itself in the next few days. If not I've got a ton of rework to do. 

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