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PowerBi error on MariaDB Direct Query Dataset

I created a  directquery dataset in PowerBI Desktop connected to our MariaDB database using the MariaDB ODBC,  then I published it and our IT team created the Connector in the Gateway, and I created a new MariaDB Data Sourse using my database server credentials, the Data Source appears Online 


but when I enter to the dataset Settings I got this message 


We cannot discover all data sources in this dataset right now because the dataset uses a customer connector. Make sure the data gateway associated with this dataset is online and has the custom connector loaded, then click again on Discover Data Sources. Learn more

Discover Data Sources


When I click to Discover Data Sources I got this error


 Unable to determine the data source. When custom connectors are used, the error can happen if gateway doesn't have the extension enabled. Details: Static analysis failed in gateway. gatewayObjectId:527c76f5-9850-42ef-9603-efce282a77e7, resultCode:FailedWithUnknownOrUnsupportedDataSources Query contains unsupported function. Function name: MariaDB.Contents .Learn more


Any Idea about what is happening and how to solve it?

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For our case we had to remove the third argument in the datasource (which is null), so change your datasource from MariaDB.content("",databasename,null) to MariaDB.content("",databasename"), the issue will be resolved on the powerbi service and you could now see and configure the gateway section on the dataset parameters.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Any luck i have the same issue?

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Hi, sure, I got it solved, the issue was that the Cloud team was using an old old On-premise Gateway version, so 

  1. Upgrade your on-premise Gateway to the latest version (if no already done):

Update an on-premises data gateway | Microsoft Learn


Hopefuly this works for you!


Josue O

Okay Thanks i will try that tomorrow !👍

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Memorable Member

@Cuatexoft had a similar issue, check your gateway connection, if it is connecting to the same one that was created by your IT team.

It is using MariaDB Connector with Direct Query




So no Gateway settings in the Data Set 



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