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Helper I

PowerBI SignIn issue

Hi Team,

 I was implemented the powerBI Reports and integrated into web portal which is having single sign On for login.


When i am opening my powerBI dashboard from my web portal  it is asking sign to powerBI. But I am using the single sign on to web portal.please suggest how can i avoid this with re-signIn for the customer.

I am using powerBI pro version.




Super User
Super User

You cannot avoid that.  Consider using Power BI Embedded instead.

Hi lbendlin,

Thanks for the quick update.

Can you please suggest for the steps to embed my powerBI Dashboard with angular.?

Right now i am just using IFrames with embed url.I have checked some article it is having lot of process like registering the app and deploy as separately already deployed my reports into server .Any suggestions or best approach with some simple steps on this highly appreciated.



This will hurt a little. Power BI Embedded is neither simple nor cheap. Please read the documentation.

Yes Ibendlin..I finding some approaches as suggetsed thank you.

I have valid powerBI pro license version Ibendlin Is that fine or i need to purchase/pay any for this embeding approach.If any idea please suggest.






You will need to purchase one of the E capacity SKUs.

Hi Ibendlin,

I am completely new with this powerBI embeding part and When i am searching internet finding number of approchaes confusing.

Please provide some link and cost details, please elabrate bit on (E capacity SKUs)



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