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Advocate II

Google Analytics issue: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded

For some time now, I'm having issues with the Google Analytics connector. Since somewhere in October, refresh continuously fails. At first, the error said it was a 'transient issue', so I ignored it, even though it happened often.


Now it's turned into this:

GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded for quota group 'default' and limit 'Queries per 100 seconds' of service ''


I've seen on the Google fora that this issue started popping up for other users, while it makes no sense. This never happened before  and I'm sure I'm not exceeding the limit at all. When looking around at others who experience the same issue, I'm getting the feeling it's about a bug, especially now that the connector also has authenticating issues:


Is anyone else getting this error when trying to refresh?

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I know this is an old topic, but this was the first entry that google shows when searching "project_number:664933364861". So, incase someone else find their way here I wanted to justto confirm that it has happened again to someone.


I have randomly received the message 6 times since the start of 2023. The only comonality is that they have all happened at the 11pm UTC refreshes. Which has been between 4-5 minutes after the hour.


Failure details: GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Queries' and limit 'Queries per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:664933364861'.

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I have the same problem and this appears at some point in an automatic update, hopefully it can be solved soon.

Failure details: GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota Error: Rate Limit Exceeded

Next refresh for Knomad is scheduled for October 7, 2020 3:00 UTC.




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Has there been any more news regarding this issue? I have a report which has only just started having that issue today (it's been working flawlessly for a month)


When I refresh I get "Access to the resource is forbidden." and in the log I've got: 


Message: GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded for quota group 'default' and limit 'Queries per day' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:8XXXXXXXXXXX

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Thanks for sharing the feedback @TorbenL 


A possible workaround:

Allow Power BI users to use their own GA API keys for data refresh. This way each user would consume their own quota.

@Berdore since I'm quite the noob in that area... How would I accomplish this? Do you have steps I could follow or some documentation on how I can provide each user their own GA API key / quota?


As an update on my part, I reduced the frequency of the refresh to 3 times a day and I removed my "Content" table (aggregates by Date and Page) because it kept throwing me errors (even in Desktop), and so far the Refresh Schedule hasn't been automatically disabled. I still get errors from time to time, but so far it's not blocking... although I can't put my blind trust in it yet. I need my "Content" table so I'm going to try and put it in there again, see what happes..

The quota error persists and has now transformed into:


{"error":{"code":"ModelRefresh_ShortMessage_ProcessingError","pbi.error":{"code":"ModelRefresh_ShortMessage_ProcessingError","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"Message","detail":{"type":1,"value":"GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded for quota group 'default' and limit 'Queries per 100 seconds' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:664933364861'."}}],"exceptionCulprit":1}}}





Any news on this problem?



New Member

The issue is still there. 

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Yes! That's very annoying.  😩

I am also still having this issue, to try and mitigate the amount of calls i do splitting into different tables for Google Analytics and everytime it seems to be a diferent table with this error. I use a seperate Gateway machine to do refreshes so i wonder if the gateway machine needs to be updated?

Not applicable

Same here.



If it is the issue, can you suggest Microsoft modify the issue description? I don't think it is clear enough for users to understand that the error message is related to an authentication issue.🙁

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Paulien1989 ,


This is a known issue which was published in Power BI Support  , see more:


Power BI users connecting to a Google Analytics data source may experience issues while authenticating. As a workaround, customers can republish the dataset from the Power BI Desktop app. Engineers are working with Google to mitigate the issue and a fix will be provided by end of week 12/20/2019.


Best Regards,



Community Support Team _ Amy

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.



The authentication issue appears to be seperate from this issue that I posted (and others confirmed). The authentication issue is solved and I can now login again without problems.


But the "quota exceeded" issue still persists and it occurs with all my clients that run Power BI reports with the Google Analytics connector. I, too, found a possible method online about increasing the limit in the Google Developer Console. But for me, too, the project ID mentioned in my refresh error does not match any project I have running under my credentials (specifically, I don't seem to have any projects running under my credentials....). So I cannot increase the limit.


Since I am not the only one experiencing this issue, it's a general one and not for me specific. I can imagine this might be a thing for Google, because the connector is a third-party. But I'm sure Power BI as a relation with Google on this matter. Are you talking with Google about this issue? What is the status, is it going to be solved soon?


A work around is to refresh the report in Desktop and publish it again to Service, then it does work. But then scheduled refresh fails 9/10 times, which of course is not acceptable. So please let me know what the status is concerning this unrecorded but apparantly 'known' issue.

Same problem here.

Same problem here.

Rasing the query limit in Google developers console for my own projects has no effect. Projectnumber in the error does not match any of my own, and I'm no where near the limit for my own projects.

Hi all,


I just wanted to follow up on this issue. I raised a support ticked with Microsoft, and after a thorough search of posible errors, the conclusion was as follows:


All API calls form Power BI Service to Google Analytics are processed under a shared project id handled by Microsoft. The product team is aware of the limitations this is causing to the clients, but they currently can't provide a garantied work around. Their current recommendation is: "try rescheduling the refresh to another time of day if possible".


I hope Microsoft will be able to sort it out with Google soon. I'm still hitting this error frequently each week. For now I'll will go with some extra backup refreshes on differnt times during the day, and hope at least one of them succeds.


Please find the repsonse from the Power BI Product Group Team below:


I have discussed with our PG Team regarding error that you have received " GoogleAnalytics: Request failed (403): Quota exceeded for quota group 'default' and limit 'Queries per 100 seconds' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:664933364861' and below are the comments sent on that error by our PG Team.

"Microsoft use two different client ids, one for (664933364861) and one for PBI Desktop. All customers under run under the same id. The client Id in the error mentioned is for, and as you can see the quotas are already set quite high. In fact there's no way for us to increase them further. We've been in contact with Google in the past about getting a special exemption to the quotas, but there was some blocker, I believe it was due to technical issues. As of right now we can provide no guaranteed work around. I'd recommend try rescheduling the refresh to another time of day if possible".






Whoa, thanks for the reply! I'm happy to get some more clarification on this matter, finally. It does show how sticky this situation is... If it's a structural limit and not a spontaneous bug, this will have huge impact on the services we provide.... Creating Google Analytics reports for customers is actually part of our business. But if we've hit the ceiling here, with no clear roadmap on lifting it, that business is practically over...... Simply refreshing reports on a different time of the day, of different day of the work, will not suffice and it will not save that business. I'll have to make some calls now....


I hope the Power BI team will be straightforward with their customers/users and provide this knowledge as generally available. I mean, it's kind of a big deal.

Thanks @TorbenL for sending the ticket i was thinking about sending one. 


This makes sense as it's more sporadic when the refreshes fail as they don't fail all of the time. It seems like having this under a shared project id is a bad solution for Google to be able to cope with. I wonder if it's better to split the user base across multiple shared project ids but i don't know from Microsofts side if that's not viable.


I agree hopefully they can sort this soon as even one smaller amounts of reports it can be a problem.

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