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Power BI Deployment to multiple target workspaces

Hello, We have one Dev & and Test ( stage) workspace and multiple production workspaces. We want to create seperate pipelines to deploy from single dev/test to different production workspaces. Do  we know if single source workspace can  deploy to different targets workspaces.


Based on the document it seems a workspace can only be assiged to a single deployment pipeline. if current pipeline has a limitation, Is there any other alternative to do this as we don't want to avoid manual migration to production. 





In case you're using multiple Prod environments just to seperate content to different audiences, you may find our Apps new feature as a proper solution. It is now possible to create an app to your single Prod environment workpace, and then assign each dashboard of this ws to different views (audiences) in your app. Learn more about this solution here:
Announcing Public Preview of Multiple Audiences for Power BI Apps | Microsoft Power BI Blog



Is there any plan to support multiple target?

Hi @gopi-subramani,
It is on our backlog, but not in the roadmap for the upcoming year.


We use the apps for report consuption of our content at our company, and the multiple audiences was a huge benefit to us, however we have use cases where we would need as many as 30 unique audiences, and currently have a limit of 10.  This requires multiple apps, and multiple workspaces with multiple prod only deployments from the same Dev/Test workspaces.   Do you expect the limit of 10 audiences will ever be increased?

Hi @dellrio,
I'm not sure of PBI Apps future plans and I suggest you'll post an idea asking for it on the Ideas portal.
Other than that, as a workaround, Deployment pipelines will launch this month the option to build a deployment pipeline of more than 3 stages (allows 2-10 stages). With that, you'll be able to create a 5 stages pipeline: dev-test-prod1-prod2-prod3 and link each one of the prods to an app. Please advise that once you you create the pipeline, you can't add more stages, so if you believe you'll have more audiences in the future, I'd create another prod stage (prod4) and keep it empty to the day it will be required. I hope that helps.


Hi LeeBenjamin,


We too have similar requirement and need 4 stages in deployment pipeline.


Could you please confirm when it will be rolled out for us? 

Hi @LakshtSharma99,

It should be available by EOW 🙂



Hi Lee, will it be possible to add an additional Stage when Editting the Pipeline? Currently it is required to add a new pipeline to add an additional stage .

Hey there, has this been made available yet? If so, where is this feature located? Have not been able to find it yet on my end. Much thanks in advance!

It is released. When you create new deployment pipeline. You would able to see option to add more than 3 stages!

more so was referring to if we wanted to have One Dev, One Test, & multiple Prod workspaces for let's say departments if that would be possible in the pipelines?

Hi @jackbome11 ,

As I mentioned below, the option to have multi prod stages, all have the same previous stage (like a "fork" structure), is something we haven't developed yet but is on our backlog. For now, the only option been added is having a linear/serial deployment pipeline of 2-10 stages.


Advocate II
Advocate II

@Nimrod_Shalit, we have same requirement too. We have organized our reports in such a way in order to control access to users. Is there any workaround for this ?

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We have the same issue here. Hoping for One DEV & UAT to Many Production workspaces but seems like it's impossible. I wonder if we can upvote this so the PBI team will push this feature in the future.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi @Anonymous,

This is not possible today in deployment pipelines. Some follow-up quesitons here:

- How many Prod WSs do you have?

- If they were serialized in the same pipeline, would that work for you as well? e.g you might have 10 stages in the same pipeline, 8 of them are Prod, and you just deploy between them one after the other.

Our use case is more based on keeping data in the same region - so we have global ISV organization and have reports based on data from clients in the UK and reports from clients' data in the US.  We can build those reports in either region with test data for the 'Dev' and 'Test' workspaces, but then we wanted to have a fork where we can deploy to a 'Prod_UKS' or 'Prod_CUS' workspace because that production version would use client data that needs to be kept in the respective region.


The ideal design would be one dev, one test, and two prod where we could pick the content based on the target workspace.  Alternatively, a linear deployment path could work if we could skip a stage - so each prod workspace would show as a different stage, but we'd have to be able to skip the first 'Prod' environment if content was only supposed to go to the second 'Prod' environment.  

I assume it's a pretty common requirement for especially for software vendors where client data has to stay in the same region that the client resides in.



Hello @Nimrod_Shalit


Does it mean that I can add in the Prod stage multiple Prod workspaces? 

Ideal is to have 1 Dev, 1 Test and 2 or more Prod stage linked to Test stage, so after testing we can decide which workspace assigned. 

Sequential Prod space would work, but still the first option will work better. 

Is it something the PowerBI team working on, would be it possible in the near future?

Thanks a lot


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