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On-premises Data Gateway - IP Address Tags



I work in a pretty locked down environment whereby we need to open outbound Firewall ports / IP addresses to allow connectivity. We do this by using the FQDN's in the Gatway documentation - Adjust communication settings for the on-premises data gateway | Microsoft Learn


Our Gateway was working fine for a while until I started seeing the following error:

"XXX Gateway" is configured correctly but is unreachable due to local network connectivity problems.


Our Firewall log files are showing the following drops (blocked IP's).

Screenshot 2023-02-01 104312.png

If I take the latest drop (08:43:47) this seems to be an "AzureMonitor" IP address (which is not in the list of Tags that the Gateway reqires).


Do I need connectivity to all of the IP's for the Gateway to work?


Note that the Connectivity test in the Gateway works perfectly with no errors (I suspect this is only testing ServiceBus IP's).


Also, looking at the documentation (below) I seem to be missing the facility to test "Netwrok Status". Is this a deprecated function?

Screenshot 2023-02-01 105602.png

Does anyone have any tips for getting me back up and running? Obviously, I want to avoid hard coding IP addresses in case they change in the future.


Thanks in advance.




Thanks for the replies. In the end, a re-install of the Gateway fixed my issue.

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Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Hi @PeterMansion  Have you looked at adding the URLs to your allowlist instead of the IPs? We did go the IP route, but the IPs change without prior knowledge and that causes outages.

Thanks for the replies. In the end, a re-install of the Gateway fixed my issue.

Thanks. We tried that but I'm not convinced that the URL's are an exhaustive list. Have you had to add any URL's other than the ones that Microsoft advise?

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Super User

Hi @PeterMansion 


Do you mean that the HTTPS option does not work?

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Yes, we are set to "HTTPS" and it's still not working.

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