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New App experience-Access issues with Audiences. Breaks report layout. Urgent fix required



The current New app implementation is  broken as it stands and needs to be fixed urgently or an option made available to roll back to the old experience as this is having a significantly bigger impact (Only on workspace admins and therefore hundreds of end users per vote) than any no of votes on multiple similar threads already here might suggest)

>I cant provide the same person (including myself as the workspace admin) access to multiple apps on the same workspace. So for example i can access the app and only see audience 1 but not 2, 3 etc. The option is there for me to put this in but users still cant access the link.


>In some cases some users arent even able to access a single audience and the only workaround ive found is to give them access to the whole workspace!


> There is no easy location to find out the link that i need to share to users to be able to access individual reports (because this no longer exists) and previous links no longer work as a result. There needs to be the ability to provide the ability to have multiple apps all in the same workspace that are treated as distinct and separate apps from the end user perspective and also have users be able to access other apps all on the same workspace


> The previous app experience had the option to not use the app experience and have each report act as its own app which we had been using quite extensively (ie: Landing page connecting to separate reports all on the same workspace for administrative reasons) which this new app experience breaks completely as it forces you to use the new "Audience" feature


> The audience feature is also extremely administrative to replicate what I had in the above scenario also as we a large no of reports that we would like as standalone "apps" and having to maintain multiple audiences for each report is time consuming and very ineffective even if the above access issues were fixed / resolved


So ultimately please please Microsoft get this fixed asap or preferably give the option to roll back



Helper I
Helper I

No, we are on our own. I have been repurosing old workspaces because I can't trust the new app experience. It still has too many bugs, like the one mentioned here. I've also found the single sign on users disappear at will. It's a bit of a mess

As for the users disappearing - I had something similar the other day.  Adding a user to an audience and updating the app would make the user disappear.  However, that use had not yet installed the app. As soon as they did that they would reappear.  Not sure if it is a coincidence/timing issue or a bug.

Super User
Super User

You can raise an issue at . If you have a Pro license you can consider raising a Pro ticket at

Hi there, I am just trying to find out if these issues have all been resolved now?

An update would be really helpful as we have be holding back from enabling this feature across multiple apps in a large organisation so the ramifications are massive if they haven't been resolved. Thank you

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