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Helper III
Helper III

How to embedded Power BI App in Sharepoint

Hi Everyone,


How can I embedded Power Bi App in sharepoint. It's not possible early, whether any update came now or any way to do this.



Helper V
Helper V

@krishb1414  @Adamboer  @Adamboer    I think the original poster was specifically talking about embedding a power bi "app"   (not the power bi app itself)  into a sharepoint page.    From my experience, trying to set this up as we speak, it does not seem that you can embedd a Power Bi app  (a collection of reports) into SharePoint.   If you try, you will get an error message saying the report has been deleted or you don't have access.    

This to me is a major limitation.    

New Member

Using the embed function (on the right side of the picture) in SharePoint with the web URL of the app the browser says that for security reasons it is not authorized to open the website inside of a sharepoint page.



Using the Power BI function to connect to the app (on the left side of the picture) with the url of the app is not working.

here you can find documentation about embedding reports (but not apps) :



As far as I know it is not possible today to do that


the question has also been asked here
(I gave the same anwser)

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Yes, it is possible to embed a Power BI app in SharePoint. There are a few different ways to do this depending on your specific requirements and the version of SharePoint you are using.

Here are some options:

  1. Use the Power BI web part: If you are using SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016 or later, you can use the Power BI web part to embed a Power BI report or dashboard in a SharePoint page. To use the web part, simply add it to your page and configure it to display the report or dashboard you want to embed.

  2. Use the Power BI Report Server: If you are using SharePoint 2016 or later and you have installed the Power BI Report Server, you can embed a Power BI report in a SharePoint page by using the Report Viewer web part. To do this, create a report in Power BI Report Server and then add the Report Viewer web part to your SharePoint page.

  3. Use an iFrame: If you are using an older version of SharePoint or if you have specific customization requirements, you can embed a Power BI report or dashboard in SharePoint using an iFrame. To do this, publish your report or dashboard to the Power BI service and then copy the embed code. Then, add an iFrame web part to your SharePoint page and paste in the embed code.

  4. Use Microsoft Teams: If you are using Microsoft Teams, you can embed a Power BI report or dashboard in a Teams channel using the Power BI app for Teams. To do this, add the Power BI app to your Teams channel and then select the report or dashboard you want to embed.

These are just a few of the ways you can embed a Power BI app in SharePoint. The specific method you choose will depend on your requirements and the version of SharePoint you are using.

SharePoint Server 2016 and later? I don't see this web part in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition and I ran across this, "Note: The Power BI web part is not available in SharePoint Server 2019."

Hi @Adamboer 


Thanks for your response. We can embedded Power bi report or dashboard. But i m talking about Power BI App. 
Can u pls help me on this ?

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