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Helper II
Helper II

Help with web service update automatic?

Good evening!
I have a firebird database imported into power bi desktop. I installed the gateway and set it to auto-update! Data is being updated correctly!
My problem is that I have a monitor on the wall plugged in all day, but the power bi web service doesn't update itself automatically!
Is there any possibility to resolve this?

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hello! you may need to set the automatic page refresh.

Check this link

Good Morning!
I read all the link you indicated and I understand!
Even so, my question is: is there any way to make the page auto-update being my storage mode import using odbc gateway for firebird?
Is there any alternative that works?
Thanks for listening!

hi mario,
auto-update only works with direct query unfortunately. I am not familiar with firebird, but can you try using direct query with your database?

Thank you for your attention!
If I can't solve it, I'll lose my project!
So I changed the scenario to postgresql, which is another database I know a little about.
I left it set to storage mode as DirectQuery, but as my database is not public on the internet, I think that's why it gives the following error in the power bi web service: "the postgres data source has missing credentials and cannot be accessed. "
I also used the gateway, setting the storage mode to import, and I used ODBC from postgresql, as I saw some comments that it could work, but it doesn't, because it doesn't give me the option to auto-refresh!
Friend, please, just confirm my doubt: using firebird or postgresql, is there any possibility to configure auto-refresh on the page?
Because if not, I'll have to give up!
Thank you so much again!

According to Power BI you can use auto-page refresh if:
1- You data source supports directquery

2- For faster than 30min refresh interval you need premium capacity


Postgresql is supported, Firebird not.


Do you have premium capacity?


I have a pro license!
With postgresql's ODBC I managed to make it work, it's updating the data.
But my big problem is that it doesn't automatically update the web page.
Is there really no way?

If you dont have premium, it will only auto refresh for 30mins interval.

Unfortunately i am not aware of any other options. 😞

Good Morning!
I don't understand: why did you say auto refresh for 30mins interval? Is it some configuration?

In this scenario of mine, in 30min it updates automatically?

Correct, for your scenario, minimum every 30mins, the page/visuals will refresh.



So, but in my case, this "PAGE REFRESH" option doesn't appear, because I changed the storage mode to import here, and I'm using ODBC for postgresql, so the "PAGE REFRESH" option doesn't appear!
Is there no other way?

it has to be Direct Query. Page refresh only works with Direct Query. Try changing it back ti Direct Query, if not, create new query with Postgresql with Dircet Query.

Good Morning!
The postgresql database must have external access to the internet, I mean its port with public access for directquery to work?

I will try new connection with Postgresql and DirectQuery.
A question: must the port for the postgresql database be public, that is, with external access, I mean internet access, or does the gateway take care of that?

As long as you configure the connection credentials correctly, it should work ( based on Microsoft documentation). Try without a gateway first, if it doesnt work, configure the credential in a gateway.

Thanks a lot for the help!
I will study and test!

good luck!


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