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Advocate I

Filter a report using query string parameters (for instance "(blank)" values ) in the URL

Within Power BI Service, I am trying to filter only (Blank) values.



For instance, If I want to filter "Unit 1", the syntaxis would be: URL?filter=Table/Org eq 'Unit 1' and that's okay.


However, I want to filter the (Blank) value (meaning NULL values), I tried with URL?filter=Table/Org eq '(Blank)' but Power BI interprets "(Blank)" as a string not as NULL.


What I need to get is an expression like: where Org is null or where lenght(Org) = 0.


I have already reviewed the documentation Filter a report using query string parameters in the URL - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Are there any thoughts or ideas to workaround this issue?


Regular Visitor

Hello guys, I am having the same issue and I have looked everywhere, but have not found a way to make the odata URL filter understand blank Power BI values. Did you guy make any advance? 

I reached the same conclusion provided by @lbendlin , but with high cardinality models it is not a viable solution.


Thank you so much.


Tried URL filters                                 Worked

eq 'blank'no
eq blankno
eq nullno
eq 'null'no
(table/column eq null)no
(table/column eq blank)no
(table/column eq '(En blanco)')no
eq '(En blanco)'no
eq ''no
table/(column eq null)no
table/(column eq 'null')no
table/(column eq '')no


Super User
Super User

Excellent question. The only thing that comes to mind is using the "NOT IN ( )" approach (by "and"ing a couple of "ne"s) but that probably gets old quickly if you have high cardinality.


Filter a report using query string parameters in the URL - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


I think this should be raised as an idea.

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