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Exporting to CSV from Power BI Service

Today, our users were unable to extract a 2000 row table of data into a CSV from the Online Service - works fine from the Desktop.  I believe the limit for CSV is 30000 rows?  Is anyone else having this issue?  It seems to stop at 300 rows instead of 30000.

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Interesting change.  As of today, it is working again.  Our data is in North Central US.

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As of today it's working as it should! Successfully exported 7000 rows to .csv today. Thank you all for proving that I wasn't going crazy.

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We're in the same boat over here.  Create a brand new table, load up a single column of 1,200 lines, and we get the "Data Exceeds the Limit" error.  The csv export allows 300 lines to get through.  This is beyond frustrating.  


Is there an export to Excel (instead of csv) function in Desktop that I'm unaware of?  

Not that I'm aware of from a visual, but there is the possibility in the "Data" pane of the "Table view" to right-click on a table name, choose "Copy table" and then paste into an Excel sheet.

Advocate I
Advocate I

If Microsoft could just check it's not a problem their end, that would be helpful. It seems more than a coincidence to me that a limit of 30,000 has somehow become 300, if you see where I'm going with this.

Hi, @spacha @CaptainCowell @LondonUser @Bas_ 

Thanks for your quick reponse!! And sorry for my delay response! I test it in my side today and i also encounter this issue.. When i export the .csv in Power BI Service ,it stuck to 300 rows:


And i search the internal ICM in my side , and i found the same issue has opened .

The product team is urgently studying the occurrence of this problem and will update the Power BI Service backend after the problem is resolved. And now you may need to export the csv in your Power BI Desktop as an alternatrive method..

And if there is any latest news on this issue, I will let you know here!


Thank you for your time and sharing, and thank you for your support and understanding of PowerBI! 


Best Regards,

Aniya Zhang

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The alternative method is also not working. same issue of 300 rows limit in power bi desktop too.!

Seems like the Desktop issue is a known bug with the September release (?)...
See: Export only extracts 300 rows on Summarized Data, ... - Microsoft Fabric Community
... where a suggested possible mitigation is to use an older version.  😕


Has there been any updates from the Product team on this issue ?

I also have an open support case with them



Our offiical response from Microsoft is....

"....... Product Group just shared that the ETA for the fix is next month and that as workaround can be used export to excel and then convert to csv........"

Where is the option to export to excel? I see only a "Export Data" option and that always exports to .csv

Next month 😮 😑

Hi. As of this evening, exporting to CSV is working properly again for me. I've successfully exported 9K and 2K records from two different visuals in a Power BI Service report. I'd be interested to know if others are now seeing things back to normal???

Not for me

Hello - not for us.  Still the same 300 row constraint.


That's disappointing.

In case it proves to be of any relevance, my Power BI Service region is showing as North Europe (Ireland).

We also still have the 300-row constraint, and our data is also stored in North Europe (Ireland). So there seems to be no causality on that one.

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Interesting change.  As of today, it is working again.  Our data is in North Central US.

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I'm having the same issue. The table is not complicated with only 2 columns with integers, and 19.000 rows. When exported by .csv I get the same message (Data exceeds the limit), and the exported .csv is only 300 rows.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi , @spacha 

Based on my research and previously handled cases, the limitation for the exporting from the Power BI service report may not only be decided by the 30000 rows limitation, for example:

When you're using DirectQuery, the maximum amount of data that Power BI can export is 16-MB uncompressed data. An unintended result may be that you export less than the maximum number of rows of 150,000. This is likely if:

  • There are too many columns. Try reducing the number of columns and exporting again.
  • There's data that is difficult to compress.
  • Other factors are at play that increase file size and decrease the number of rows Power BI can export.

    What's more, if you are trying to export the data in the .xlsx format, the maximum number of rows that the applications can export to an .xlsx file is 150,000. The actual number may be lower than 150,000 depending on query limits and visual types.

For export from matrix visuals using Data with current layout, the export limit is 150,000 data intersections. For a table visual, each row has 1 data intersection. For a matrix visual, each row can have 1 or more data intersections, so the exported rows count can be less than 150,000. (For example, if a matrix visual has 3 data intersections per row, the maximum row count will be 150,000 / 3 = 50,000 rows.) The message "Exported data exceeded the allowed volume. Some data may have been omitted." will be added at the footer of the Excel file when the limit is hit. Consider limiting the dimensions or filter the data to avoid this scenario.


For more detailed information for the exporting part, please kindly refer to this official documentation:

Export data from a Power BI visualization - Power BI | Microsoft Learn


If you are still having this issue when overcame these limits, please kindly use the "F12" of your network browser to collect the network trace the the issue occurs and give the request ID for the detailed exporting process for my backend query.





Thank you for your time and sharing, and thank you for your support and understanding of PowerBI! 


Best Regards,

Aniya Zhang

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We have the 300 row issue as well. I have experimented with a very basic 2 column table, imported with 800 rows, and this still has the issue. It's on every enviornment (my workspace, Capacity etc). Export to Excel works fine, just Export to csv is where the error is.

The issue began last week on all our published reports.

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