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Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

This thread was created to gather feedback and communicate over the new Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feature in


Ask questions, suggest features, or leave general feedback. We will monitor closely.



Tzvi Keisar

Program Manager, Power BI



Tzvi Keisar
Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft Power BI
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I find it absurd that you export text as pixels. If you save to PDF, text is vextor fonts. Powerpoint native format is vector fonts. Why wouldn't you export as SVG or something at least. Even better make it static but editable. I now need Photoshop to edit Powerpoint exported from Power BI. Microsoft has no clue.

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It is possible to write notes into the powerBI file that would be exported as notes into PowerPoint? Notes are most often used in PowerPoint to remember things that you do not want to show in the actual visual.

I guess an option would be to use PowerBITiles, but it would be great if it could be part of the standard functionality.

Thank you,

Kind regards


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Why are R-custom-visuals not supported? This makes things much more complicated. =( Please fix!

Grouped visuals, introduced in the August 2019 update, appear to all align to the top left corner of the page when exported to PDF or PowerPoint.  Below is a screen shot of the PowerBI Desktop file then the published report exported to both PDF and PPTX.  I have also tested this in both Chrome and Edge with the same results.  

The good view in PowerBI desktop:

GroupedAlignmentGood.jpgPowerBI desktop showing grouped items


The bad view after export:

GroupedAlignmentBadPPT.jpgThe published report after export to PowerPoint or PDF

Has anyone else run into this behavior?  I really like the grouped items for working with bookmarks so I am hoping this get fixed soon.

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Still reading thru the thread. In case I missed it. Can tables be edited as well after pptx export?

Helper V
Helper V

When will exporting to PowerPoint with the in-session applied filters be supported? 

New Member

Are there any plans/timelines for allowing slicer settings to be honored when using the Export Report to PowerPoint feature on the service?  I understand the workaround solution (editing the report, setting slicers, saving report and then exporting), but this is impractical when the report is used by multiple users, and it is not a workable solution for users that have read-only access to the report.  



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Always impressed!


However, certainly room for improvement:


1. Apply Report/Page LEvel Filters to the PP Exported.

2. Have ability to not export to the PP hidden tabs from Power BI.





New Member

Hey Team,

Per the features mentioned for the export, understand that currenrly the export will be an image per report instead of per visualisation. Should the text boxes still be editable?

It would be great if it is possible tho, i had attempted and it is currently non editable. Wondering if this is expected?
New Member

Newbie here with a question:  We've noticed that some people are unable to save the PowerPoint file once created while others can.  I suspect that this is probably connected to sharing via Read vs. Read and Reshare.  It would be logical that someone not allowed to reshare cannot save the file locally as that would effectively allow them to share the data.  I can't find anything specific that indicates this is the case though, can anyone confirm?

New Member

We have a report that is filtered to display specific project information.  When we export to PowerPoint, the project we have filtered for the online display is not exported - the first project in the drop down list is exported.  We are new PowerBI users - is there a setting we need to change?


unfortunately there is no interaction between the online viewing experience and the export to powerpoint. So the export contains the state of the dashboard at the time of upload or last save. So the only way now would be to edit the report in the service, then set the filters, save the report and then create the export....


If you ask me, don't expect a GA status soon or new features being added the upcoming six months....

Actually, I just attended the BI Summit in Seattle last week and this is expected to GA by the October release and will include this functionality in the PBI Desktop. Here is a link to just one of the sessions, its an hour and well worth the time to give you an idea of what is coming soon.  If you skip to about 40mins in you will see them export to PDF 🙂


But here is a quck summary of just some of the things including.

  • Full control of all real estate.
  • Copy values and selections
  • Jump list to navigate
  • Theming
  • Title to the top.
  • Visual header improvement and control which appear
  • Alignment lines
  • Wrapping in headers
  • Expression on color controls!!!
  • Dynamic headers
  • Expand and collapse into tables/matrices
  • Export to PDF from desktop
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Error 500, Unable to export to PowerPoint and it's only happening with reports that are connected live to a power bi dataset

We couldn't export your report to a PowerPoint file
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity IDa4237ccf-380a-4059-85b3-84d06e136973
Request IDdd5476d4-e39c-c656-fbc1-b3198f8f0b78
Correlation ID298e70f5-66b8-c554-12d7-95d864dafea8
Status code500
TimeSat May 26 2018 13:01:31 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
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It's been almost 3 years since this preview feature is released. We definietly want the page 15 limitation to be removed. As a workaround, we are splitting the pbix reports into increments of 15 and then merging into a master power point deck. I am sure lot of community members are unhappy with this feature and many more in preview mode. Can this be implemented  and the overall export to power point  is released to general ? 

I just wanted to add that I'm in the same boat.  I've had to split a report into separate report files, delete down the number of pages to reach the max of 15, export to PowerPoint, then stitch them all back together again in a single file.  Painful!! 


I know that everyone would like us to work in an always-connected world, but that's not yet a reality.  

New Member


I have uploaded my report to the Report Server, but there is no "Export to PowerPoint" button. How can i provide this feature ?

Also i'm an admin at the server, and have no idea.

Need your help please)

Resolver III
Resolver III

When exporting slicers that are arranged horizontally does not come in the full width of the slicers/boxes.


It auto shrinks the width of each slicer when exported to PowerPoint and cannot read the slicers.



Horizontal Filters.PNG







Also wordings in the Realtive date slicers are not aligned, "Last" and "Months" seem to be higher than the number in between.

Date Filter.PNG



New Member

Hi all,


Our users reported that the same error for exporting PowerBI data to Powerpoint again.

Time Mon May 07 2018 09:16:28 GMT +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Status Code 500

Cluster URI:


Is there anything we can do on our tenant to help?


Best regards,




New Member

Hi all,


Our users reported that the same error for exporting PowerBI data to Powerpoint again.

Time Mon May 07 2018 09:16:28 GMT +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Status Code 500

Cluster URI:


Is there anything we can do on our tenant to help?


Best regards,


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