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Dataset in service not refreshing properly

Hi all,


I know there are lots of questions regarding this type of issue, but I can't find one that fixes what I'm experiencing.

So, I have published a dataset to the cloud service. That dataset refreshes PERFECTLY in the desktop version, but it will not pull through the same results in the cloud. It's very odd. No matter what I try, it seems to be pulling through information from last week. 


Can anyone help?


Kind Regards

Frequent Visitor

Hi all, apologies I've not replied to anyone, I've been on vacation. 

I really don't want this thread to go dead, because it's still an issue for me.


An update on this is that I can refresh the dataset in PBI desktop and get the perfect results. I can then publish this to the service and those correct results are mirrored. Great! I then refresh the dataset in the service (after making no changes to the sources) and get the same, incorrect, results I've been getting for weeks. It's very frustrating.


My query essentially reads a table in an excel spreadsheet that is updated every week. It then determines which entries are existing, which are new, which have changed etc. I then have a custom column which states whether each row is to be 'deleted', 'updated' or 'created'. Power Automate then uses this column to determine whether it is to add, update or remove entries from a sharepoint list. Quite simple really. I just can't see why it's causing an issue in the service. It's like its holding old data instead of pulling the new data down, whereas the desktop version works as it should.


Thank you all

Hey @Lee5150 ,

can you locate what part of your dataset went wrong after refresh in Service?

Meaning, do you see same date range like in desktop? e.g. Max date is same value?

Number of rows still be the same (I guess "no")?

Is there incremental refresh established?


Is quite difficult to help having only description something in Service is doing wrong.



Sorry I'm being quite vague. I don't mean to be. After a bit of investigation it appears the latest data is being pulled through, but it's what PBI is doing with it that's wrong. The desktop version assesses the data correctly and displays what I'd expect. Just one row to be sent to Power Automate.


The whole idea behind this dataset is to list only the rows that need amending in SharePoint. These get sent to Power Automate to give Power Automate the least amount of work to do. So it's the assessing of the data that's not correct in the cloud.


The cloud displays nearly 500 rows, where I'd only expect one! The one that's displayed in the desktop version.


Is there any reason the queries would be handled differently in desktop and service?


Thank you!

There is no reason for handling queries differently. But who knows what happens behind the scenes in Service.
One idea: do you have some filter applied/removed in Service?

Advocate II
Advocate II

This might be related to this issue reported a couple of days ago if it used to refresh and has now stopped with no changes. Microsoft is aware and ticket(s) raised.

Super User
Super User

Pls provide more information to this.

What result do you see in Desktop, e.g. max date?
What result is shown in Service after update, e.g. max date?

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