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Datamart Internal error



I'm facing the following error when I try to save the datamart. Please let me know if anyone had come across this error. 



ErrorMessageAn internal error happened due to failed runtime assertion: Parameter 'transactionId' is not expected to be null..HttpStatusCode500
Screenshot (66).png
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Has there been any update on this?  I have reports due this week and i havent been abkle to refresh my datamart since the end of last month.  It will take me a weeks to reproduce and swap out the data in all of my reports so hopeing someone has a fix here.  2023-06-05_11-50-33.png

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Has anyone found a resolution to this issue? I'm geting this error and can't make any changes to my DataMart anymore...

Seems everytime theres an update to Power BI Service someones datamarts are go down. I'd assume by Friday this error will have been miraculously solved. I would check there are no new fields in the tables present in the datamart though.

Well great... I'll try creating a new one then. Need to deliver something by friday and I can't wait for this to miracoulousy solve itself.

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I get the same error now - Happened suddenly overnight:


  • ErrorMessageAn internal error happened due to failed runtime assertion: Parameter 'transactionId' is not expected to be null..

Activity ID: 70085e2e-7c30-e400-78bd-0981cf6fd20a
Request ID: f462b5a9-604e-4050-96c8-1b679bdaa4a3
Status code: 500
Error Code: InternalError
Batch ID: 4708eb84-0f45-4b8d-9d16-560fbaa36da3@dec1fbae-c318-4b84-a431-8828b07b30da$2023-01-17T06:03:44.2599006Z@761cf92b-79ed-4780-b343-43e2caf7a5f6

There was an Power BI Service outage yesterday. The datamart "transactionid" issue seems to coincide with updates made to Service. Obviously no official microsoft documentation to back this up as its a preview feature but i'd wager your datamart will be back up and running in 3-4 days.

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Me too, same issue.

All was fine yesterday, and today I get that error message.


My advice, even though not great advice short term, is to either wait for it to resolve itself in the coming days OR create a data lake in azure. Datamarts are useful but still in preview and not yet reliable

New Member

Had same issue and manage to fix.

It might be becasue in one or more columns you specifying filter on, you have unexpected/empty item. Before implementing your filter, remove empty records. 

My issue happened immediately fater a PowerBI update and was rectified 4 days later. I don't have a TransactionId field in the datamart so I assumed someone at Microsoft had slipped up.

New Member

Hello, I am also getting this error when trying to connect to a Salesforce object.

Are there any updates?

I have also been having the same issue since Tuesday

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I started getting this error too.

My new datamart refreshed fine for about two hours.

Then when I added a bunch of new Salesforce Objects, it started showing this cryptic error. Obviously, I do not use any 'transactionId' parameter. That's some internal stuff...

I have tried to disable load on all the new tables, but the query still won't save.

It's also very annoying that each tme I am orced to click 'Go back to editing' all my changes like groups and disabling load are lost.

Not applicable

Hi René

I encountered also internal error that the service solved after I could edit again the DM. Please DO NOT disable the loading on any table : this deter the DM to work properly.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi,  @raguraam 

I cannot reproduce it here. Is it a temporary problem?

If the problem persists, it is recommended to create a support ticket to let MS engineers look into the issue on your side. 

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

New Member

Dear all, I also getting the same error after two weeks that my datamart was automatically refreshing well. I do not have "transactionid" in any of my tables. In transform data all tables refresh well without error. Datasource of this datamart is a dataflow that is refreshing well. This dataflow is linked to ADLS Gen2. Thanks for any support.

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I am also getting the same error in Datamart where I am just connecting to an Azure Blob as the data source. I tried to just create a very simple query of just the list of files in the blob and even then I get the same error.

Advocate V
Advocate V

Hi, I encountered same error on my Datamart. There is no parameter or a column called "transactionId". I suspect this is something with the datamarts on Power BI side as my code was not changed. This is happening since yesterday 08/15/22. My tenant is in US East 2. 

Same here! My datamart was refreshing well as usual, and suddenly that error.

Super User
Super User



It is giving some hint there Parameter 'transactionId' is not expected to be null..HttpStatusCode500


Something specific to your parameter, you need to check that, why it is NULL being an ID




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