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Dataflow Refresh Error

Has anyone had an issue refreshing any of their dataflows today? I have even tried creating a test dataflow that just pulls in one excel sheet and the dataflow will not refresh. It errors out after 2 hours due to the timeout error.


Normally, I have about 10 dataflows that have been working perfectly since I created them.


If anyone has had this issue before any help is appreciated!

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It seems this issue is now resolved  - no word from Microsoft but something must have changed on their end.

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I am also having this error.  I have many dataflows and all are giving me this message.  Help is needed.

Activity ID: 264ef01d-730b-437a-8e3a-5c7ba31311ca
Request ID: 25caeef6-4263-245d-f508-ab8714525710
Correlation ID: a667ddc1-cb01-9d5d-116e-3939d2a743a4
Status code: 500
Time: Thu Sep 09 2021 13:26:14 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.16691.56
Client version: 2108.4.07469-train
Cluster URI:

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Seems again same kind of problem arised, all mine and my team mates dataflows are not getting refreshed with below error "There was a problem refreshing your dataflow. {"RootActivityId":"ab2a3b60-b170-bdba-ab24-627040ff8d69"}

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I suddenly stated to have a problem with Data refres on one of the data sets - due to Internal error Request ID: 80481e50-1fa0-a096-410e-0a81a8b25a87 Activity ID: 4fdccd42-539c-483f-a67a-653ac0944e72

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It seems this issue is now resolved  - no word from Microsoft but something must have changed on their end.

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It seems the issue has been resolved; I wish that they would acknowledge the issue though as that makes it a lot easier to explain internally to management.

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Quick Update: I've reported the issue throught their Service Health utility wihtin O365 Admin. If nothing shows up soon, I'll create a support ticket.


Same issue here; all my scheduled refreshes for my dataflows are failing one by one with the error that:


" took to long to respond"


nslookup reveals this:

Non-authoritative answer:


Not sure if this helps but it won't hurt either (for those on MS side hopefully troubleshooting it) 😉   




Advocate I
Advocate I

Exact same issue here. Datflows are failing to refresh with "Internal Error"

New Member

We've had exactly the same issue, everything working perfectly over the weekend, but all refreshes today either fail or time out.  All excel files hosted on sharepoint/one drive are failing.  


Could do with knowing if this is an ongoing issue before I move all the files off sharepoint and update all the dataflows

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Same here. 


All of my Dataflows are timing out today (mine pull from Azure SQL Server).  Running identical queries to Azure SQL Server is fine - it's just the Dataflows .

I tried recreating a new simple one that should take ~1 minute - at minute 45 it's still going, and I assume will time out as well. 



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My dataflows that pull directly from SharePoint Folders are all taking forever to refresh, and in many cases timing out. My dataflows that use my data gateway are fine. My datasets that pull directly from SharePoint Folders (no dataflow involved) are fine.

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Mine are all good now, too.

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I wonder if it is something on Microsoft's side - I didn't see anything on their status page.

Same here. Dataflows from Sahrepoint not working :S

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