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Data Difference via Online (manual or scheduled refresh) vs manual refresh in PBIX - OData feed

Hello Power BI Community,

Have you experaince ever different results in Online refresh (Manul or scheudled) vs manual refresh in PBIX?
We are pulling data via OData feed from our accounting package.
When we refresh data online all is good.
When we publish that data set to our workspace and than schedueld refershs than several transcations are missging which cause panic in my organisation as business can't see posted invocies. 

As temp solution we have stopped schedueld refreshes which are much faster and we are performing only manul ones. 

I am not sure if issue is with OData feed if manual refersh via PBIX is fine.

Any advice?

Many thanks.


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Hello @Burningsuit ,

I have submitted again the credential and there is still same problem.
It's very strange one.

I have report 1 where pbix refresh is ok and online not (on demand or scheduled) - some transactions are missing
I have report 2 where pbix refresh is ok and online is ok as well.

Same OData feeds, same credentials Report 1 has problem with online refresh and Report 2 is fine.

My problem is that Report 1 is now my central report with  so many points and my whole company is interacting with this key report.  (Yes it is bit bigger 118MB and 132 pages) but manual refresh brings right results.
I have there complex RLS and page Level security via RLS as part of audience have access to whole report and another part of audience only to part of the reports. 

I can't get my head around this.

There is no Gateway as data are in cloud and Report 2 with same OData feed is fine. ( That report is bit smaller 66MB and around 14 pages)

I assume that that number of pages shouldn’t affect online refresh? right? 

I am maybe planning to reset my credential over weekend and generate new passwords but I worry that outcome will be the same.

I have never experienced this.

I am quite lost as I have been working on this project for last few weeks and I have merged several reports into one so people can access all in one place.
Any advice?

HI @AndrejZitnay 

This is indeed odd.

If you have a Report where both PBIX refresh and Online refresh work that implies the refeshing is working correctly, and it's not a credentials issue.

But you also have a report which shows different data between a PBIX refresh and an Online refresh.

My first question is, do both these reports share the same Dataset ? If they do, then it's really wierd and I'd call in Microsoft support to help.

However if these two reports are based on two different Datasets, then there may be a reason.

In Dataset 2, for Report 2 (the one that shows a difference between PBIX and Online refresh) do you filter data by Date ? If so, are you aware that the cloud service uses UTC Date/Time rather than Local Date/Time. If you are comparing against Today() or other date time basis to create a Filter, that may be a reason why online differs from PBIX refresh. Just a thought.

As I say though, you may be in a situation where you should get Microsoft support involved, use this link: 

Hope this helps


Hello Stuart @Burningsuit,

It is same dataset. 

You are right it might be one for Microsoft Support.
This seems to be beyond Power BI Community.

Many thanks for your help.


Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @AndrejZitnay 

I think this may be down to the Gateway settings for refresh.

If you refresh on Power BI desktop, you are connecting to your Odata feed, probabaly with that users set of credentials which allows access to all data, so you get all the accounting data and everyone is happy when that is Published.

However, to use Automatic Refresh in the cloud for the Odata source, you probably have a Gateway set up and that Gateway is using a different set of credentials to connect to the Odata source, so is reading a restricted set of data that does not have access to all data, so you get "missing" data.

I suggest you look at the credentials used to connect on the PBIX and the credentials used to connect via the Gateway online, you may find your solution there.

Hope this helps


Hello @Burningsuit ,

You are right. Manual PBIX refresh is fine.

We don't have Gateway connection as data are sourced in cloud. 

Gateway connection

You don't need a gateway for this dataset, because all of its data sources are in the cloud, but you can use a gateway for enhanced control over how you connect.

I don't think that issue is with credential as we are pulling some data but not all of them.

We will however edit / re-enter all credentials.

Thanks for advice.

This is strange one. We had before issue with oData feed (Problem was at accounting pack side) but this seems to me like Power BI issue.


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